Ep. 52: D3 co-writer Jim Burnstein who originally had the Mighty Ducks losing

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Jim Burnstein, the primary writer of D3 and the Director of Screenwriting at the University of Michigan joins Mike and Tommy to discuss how he got involved in the film, why he originally had the Ducks losing, how Disney made him change it, and much more.

Show notes:

A little profile on Jim to get to know him better. Here’s his IMDB. 

Here’s a look a Renaissance Man, Jim’s first movie.

Ted Orion, who was originally Ted Hunter.


For the uninitiated read all about Ted Lindsay and Orion, the hunter in Greek mythology. 

For reference: This is Steve Brill. 

The confidence speech, minus Orion throwing the puck up and catching it.

While Jim was writing D3, Brill was directing Heavyweights. To be fair, it’s another classic:

Thanks to @ClintThrasher for the #QuackQuestion.

Dean Portman’s return:

And Portman’s dance:

“He’s in what grade?”

The scene that Jim used the entirety of everything he learned in law school on:

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