Ep. 53: Shaun Weiss a.k.a. Greg Goldberg tells of how he had diarrhea during his favorite scene

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Shaun Weiss, who played Greg Goldberg, joins Mike, Tommy, and Kevin to talk about how he was originally cast as an Eskimo who had one line, why his mom locked a producer in trailer, how he had diarrhea during his favorite scene, and much more.

Show Notes

Shaun Weiss’ IMDB. 

Here is the first episode of Why Not Weiss:

You can view the episodes as they come out here.

Atuk the Eskimo.

Jack White is indeed Coach Wilson in D3.

This is the picture Shaun saw as a kid when he went to a different movie before the Mighty Ducks came out:


You can hear Casey Garven’s story about the original Adam Banks here.

The guy Shaun was talking about that may or may not have almost done something that nearly got him kicked off the film may or may not be Brandon Quintin Adams, who played Jesse Hall. 

This is the Chiller Convention.

Shaun is right. The film doesn’t capture the majesty of Charlie Conway’s triple deke:

Here is Shaun’s favorite scene, which he also had severe diarrhea for:

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