Ep. 57: Evaluating the Mighty Ducks before they were the Mighty Ducks

October 8, 2015 2:24 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin return to take a deep dive into what the kids were doing before they became the Mighty Ducks. The trio also blows the lid off of what happened when Bombay told the limo driver to drive onto the ice.

Show notes

I couldn’t find any information on when the first pop-top can, but I did learn a lot about the evolution of beer cans.┬áThe first pull-tab beer can came in 1962, but it looked nothing like the pop tops Tommy was talking about.

This is the part in Dennis the Menace that Kevin was talking about:

The most popular pill in 1992, seemed to be Prozac. According to Time magazine, Prozac had been taken by the approximately 10 million people by 1993.

What are they doing on the limo?

The full roster available to fight the Hawks, except for Karp:


Thanks to @timminer for the #QuackQuestion.

The part where Bombay utters the words that inspired the #QuackQuestion.

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