Ep. 58: Which Mighty Duck would actually write about the experience in jail?

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin try to determine what Mighty Ducks would go to jail and which ones would write a book about the experience. They also take another #QuackQuestion on an alternate universe with Jake Gyllenhaal as Charlie Conway.

Show Notes

Thanks to @timminer for the #QuackQuestion that started it all.

Kevin argued that Connie was playing Guy the whole time in Episode 4. 

Guy was the lookout in D3:


Kevin talked a lot about Con Air. Watch it. Or at least read the synopsis.

This is the scene Kevin was talking about in the Butterfly Effect.

We talked about Averman working at the movie theatre illegally in Episode 20. 

We talked about Julie the Cat and Connie being American sporting heros in Episode 7. 

The synopsis of Julie Gaffney’s book:

Gaffney begins her story with her childhood in Maine and how her sporting obsessed father got her into ice hockey. She wasn’t good. One day, looking more to get rid of her than anything else, her youth coach put her at goalie. She took a liking to it and, more importantly, she excelled. She took her Bangor team to two straight Maine state championships before moving to a boys team. An article in the local paper about a girl playing goalie for the boys found its way into Don Tibbles’ hands. He flew to Maine right away and gave her a spot on the Junior Goodwill Games team. After her goal-medal winning save she went to Eden Hall, where she started for the freshman team for a year before being moved up to varsity as a sophomore. She earns the starting job as a junior. The team lost in the state semifinals, breaking Eden Hall’s streak of 12 straight state championships. Gaffney won the state championship as a senior and played four years at Maine while starting for the U.S. Women’s National team at the same time. After graduation she moves to play for the national team full time, living off of endorsements. After two straight Olympic goal medals, Gaffney finds herself slowing down. Alex Rodriguez, who she meant while on a commercial shoot for Subway, gives her a cream. She finds she’s able to recover a lot quicker and uses it all the time. Gaffney later learns it’s a steroid but is so addicted to the feeling of freshness she gets that she keeps using it. The U.S. beats Canada its third straight Olympic gold medal. As Gaffney gets older, she needs more cream. She eventually meets the supplier in Mexico. The supplier, a man nicknamed El Dingo, offers her a discount if she helps in distributing it. Gaffney, facing the pressure of backstopping an unprecendented fourth straight gold-medal team, agrees. All goes well until she sets up a meeting to sell to what she thinks is a Cuban baseball player defecting to America to play in the MLB. It’s a sting operation and Gaffney is sentenced to jail time. She misses the Olympics. The U.S. loses to Sweden in the semifinals and finishes with an embarrassing bronze medal. Gaffney starts writing this book while in jail. She concludes by saying she’s sharing her story to prevent other kids from making the same mistakes.

We talked about Fulton turning his life around in Episode 8.

Kevin compared Charlie Conway as a coach to Mike Rice. This is what Mike Rice did:

Thanks to Adam G. for the question.

The recasting episode was indeed Episode 50.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s parents are a director and a screen writer. They wouldn’t have let their son’s career peter out.

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