Ep. 60: How would a Hunger Games between the Mighty Ducks play out?

October 28, 2015 12:17 am Published by 6 Comments

Mike, Tommy and Kevin turn a #QuackQuestion into a full episode as they look at how a Mighty Ducks Hunger Games scenario would play out? The gang looks at who aligns with who, who gets killed first, who wins, and a controversy involving Adam Banks erupts.

Show Notes

Thanks to @tknauff_ for the #QuackQuestion that spawned this whole topic.

Mike did screw up the intro. It’s may the odds be ever in your favor.

The ground rules:

1, All 19 Mighty Ducks are involved.

2. This hypothetical situation comes just after the Mighty Ducks win the Junior Goodwill Games gold medal.

3. The setting is the frozen tundra.

4. They have a three-week training period before going into the Hunger Games.

Peter Mark = Rue


We talked about Peter Mark’s connection to Hans in Episode 46.

Gordon Bombay’s moment with Adam Banks in D2:


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  • Winnie says:

    Very interesting! I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought and I like the different opinions. This is actually one where I enjoy listing to debates by all of you (even though I think Kevin is way to opinionated when it comes to Banks). By the way, Kevin, Banks is NOT an only child. In the first movie, his father says, “His little friends are Hawks, his older BROTHER was a Hawk.” Banks has an older brother.

  • Tasha says:

    I’m a bit late to the party, but sheesh bit harsh on Banks there lol Considering he’s the star player of the team, he’s good at anticipating moves and strategising so I wouldn’t say he’s completely useless AND in D1 he was a bully so I think he isn’t that bad at defending himself. He also did a good job at winning the team’s loyalty over. I think he’d do rather well. But this was really fun, thanks guys.

  • Mercedes says:

    Completely agree with Tasha. Adam would go far in the Hunger Games, at least much farther than Kevin thinks.

  • Brian says:

    Did Portman and Fulton always dominate?

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