Ep. 62: Shaun Weiss (Goldberg) returns, brings producing partner Sean Adair to talk about getting free drinks as Goldberg, working with Ron Jeremy

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In a historic two-guest podcast, Shaun Weiss returns and brings along producing partner Sean Adair. The duo talks with Mike, Tommy, and Kevin about their new project, Weiss getting free drinks as Goldberg, Adair getting rejected from the Little Rascals, negotiating with Ron Jeremy, and more.

Show Notes:

Shaun Weiss’s IMDB and Sean Adair’s IMDB

Weiss was on Episode 53.

Here is their Patreon link: patreon.com/whynotweiss. Here’s their pitch video as well:

Greg Goldberg in all his glory. This face has led to many free drinks.


We talked about the Mighty Ducks animated cartoon in Episode 28.

Danny Tamberelli’s podcast, by the way, is The Adventures of Danny and Mike.

Weiss played Elvis on the first season on Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

Weiss and Ron Jeremy:


We talked about Shaun originally being cast as Atuk the Eskimo in Episode 53, so go there if you want to hear more on that. We got pretty in depth.

Thanks to @nicoleree9 for the #QuackQuestion.

Goldberg struggling with his s’more:


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