Ep. 63: (Part 1) Mighty Ducks creator Steve Brill reveals why he had Charlie Conway originally missing the penalty shot

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin have harpooned a white whale. Mighty creator Steve Brill stops by for part one of a two-part interview. Brill discusses how his original script had an interracial romance, how he had Charlie originally missing the penalty shot and who would actually win a Hunger Games full of the Mighty Ducks.

Show notes

Steve Brill’s IMDB

The Time Magazine oral history of the Mighty Ducks. Read it if you haven’t. It gives the whole story about how Steve Brill wrote the script in his apartment with Peter Berg.

Frank Huddy:


Gordon Bombay’s first speech to the Mighty Ducks, which Brill referenced:

Jake Gyllenhaal on the Mighty Ducks. We recasted the entire movie, placing him as Charlie Conway, in Episode 50.

Steve Brill: Solely responsible for the Flying V


A former NHL ref officially ruled that the Mighty Ducks were onside during the Flying V.

The penalty shot goal that was never supposed to happen:

We talked about Hawks coach Jack Reilly’s suspected downfall in Episode 29.

Phil Banks in his Hawks jacket at the end of D1:


All our Hunger Games theories, many of which were confirmed to be true by Brill, are available in Episode 60.

Stayed tuned for Part 2, where we get into D2 and D3, and what happened to the Ducks after they left Eden Hall.

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