Ep. 64: (Part 2) Mighty Ducks creator Steve Brill talks a possible D4, what some of the Ducks are up to now

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In part two of his interview, Steve Brill explains the crazy writing he had to do for D2, the possibilities of a D4 getting made, how the Edmonton Oilers ruined Adam Banks, and how some of the other Ducks’ lives have gone since we last saw them.

Show notes:

You’ll want to listen to Part 1. 

Steve Brill’s IMDB

The new Ducks, including a Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney, who Brill uses to justify as the reason this terrible team can compete for the national title, even though she didn’t play until the end.

One of Steve Brill’s favorite kids:


Brill mentions that he thought Vincent LaRusso was a young Steve McQueen in Part 1 of the interview.

Kenan Thompson’s IMDB says his first acting credit was D2. 

Brill wanted a young Forest Whitaker. He got Kenan Thompson.


We talked to D3 writer Jim Burnstein in Episode 52. 

The IMDB page for D3 shows Burnstein and Brill sharing writing credit for the screenplay.

That directing role Emilio got for doing a week’s worth of work in D3 appears to be ‘The War at Home’, starring Emilio and his father, Charlie Sheen. It’s at 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 76 percent rating from the audience. 

In Time’s oral history of the Mighty Ducks, Jeffrey Nordling, who ended up playing Ted Orion, said that the first Orion who washed out was Jimmy Sheridan.

Brill is as upset as you are by this t-stop from Ted Orion:

orion gif

To recap:

Adam Banks went to Minnesota, got drafted by the Oilers, played third line there, hurt his wrist, got traded to the Jets, faded, got traded to the Rangers had an amazing 14-goal playoff series and kind of faded from there. Brill was mistaken here as the  first version of the Jets played their last game in 1996, when Banks just starting at Eden Hall. Maybe Calgary?

Goldberg ran the deli.

Russ has a sporting goods store in Los Angeles.

Connie is married and lives in Orange County. She still talks with Guy. We talked about the Connie and Guy relationship in Episode

Brill as Frank Huddy in D1:


Brill as the guy at the party in D2:


Brill as the arcade guy in D3:


Thanks to @RSullPhoto for the #QuackQuestion.

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