Ep. 66: Two doctors diagnose every Mighty Ducks injury and reveal how Adam Banks might’ve been a wuss

December 10, 2015 12:08 am Published by 1 Comment

Asad and Robert from the Jocs and Docs podcast join Mike, Tommy, and Kevin, to discuss every injury in the Mighty Ducks. Could Banks really wake up and have the pain be gone? What happened with the Panthers and the measles? Could the Ducks have killed the varsity with their fire ants prank?

Show Notes

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Karp’s injury:


According to the CDC, there was between 1-4 cases of the measles in Minnesota this year.

Banks sliding into the post:


According to this VERY VERY non-scientific website, it takes a few minutes of inhaling choloroform to knock you out.

Tibbles taking a puck to the face:


The bruised hand the Iceland goalie suffers on Fulton’s shot:


The Banks injury. Thanks to @ak2themax for the #QuackQuestion:


Stansson’s slash on Bombay:


Mendoza falling down:


Averman taking a dick to the face:


The hit that dislocated Guy’s shoulder:



Cole going into the crowd:



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  • Sara says:

    Banks 1st injury you can see his head hit the goal post before bouncing off, which causes him to blackout.

    He slides. Hits his head on post. Then stops and post is in between shoulder and head.

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