Ep. 68: Who won the Mighty Ducks fantasy draft?

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin draft their own hockey starting lineups using players only from the Mighty Ducks universe. Everybody from the Ducks to Iceland to Varsity to the Hawks are in play. They also take a #QuackQuestion on the best fictional Phil Banks.

Show notes

The full player list we went off of:


Greg Goldberg

Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney

Scooter (Varsity)

Wiesel (Iceland)

Wise (Hawks)



Gunnar Stahl (Iceland)

Uberjavik (Iceland)

Olaf Sanderson (Iceland)

Johnny Reilly (Varsity)

Cole (Varsity)

Strickler (Hawks)

Brown (Hawks)

Herek (Hawks)

McGill (Hawks)

Larson (Hawks)

Guy Germaine

Terry Hall

Tommy Duncan

Dave/Lester Averman

Tammy Duncan

Dwayne Robertson

Jesse Hall

Dave Karp

Ken Wu

Connie Moreau

Dean Portamn

Luis Mendoza

Peter Mark

Fulton Reed

Russ Tyler

Charlie Conway

Adam Banks


Kevin said Dwayne was the worst Mighty Ducks player in Episode 6.

Mike spoke glowlingly about Uberjavik in Episode 2. 

Valdislav Tretiak looking machine-like:

We talked about Wiesel’s bruised hand in Episode 67.

A look at his hand:



Gaffney getting bored while playing the Blake Bears. It came back to bite her in the third period.



Each team’s draft by round. Keep in mind it was a snake draft.

Kevin Tommy Mike
1st Adam Banks (Mighty Ducks) Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney (Mighty Ducks) Gunnar Stahl (Iceland)
2nd Dwayne Robertson (Mighty Ducks) Johnny Reilly (Eden Hall Varsity) Jesse Hall (Mighty Ducks)
3rd Dean Portman (Mighty Ducks) Charlie Conway (Mighty Ducks) Scooter (Varsity)
4th Guy Germaine (Mighty Ducks) Fulton Reed (Mighty Ducks) Olaf Sanderson (Iceland)
5th McGill (Hawks) Luis Mendoza (Mighty Ducks) Uberjavik (Iceland)
6th Wiesel (Iceland) Cole (Eden Hall Varsity) Connie Moreau (Mighty Ducks)

And a team comparison by position:

Kevin Tommy Mike
F Adam Banks *CAPTAIN* (Mighty Ducks) Johnny Reilly (Eden Hall Varsity) Gunnar Stahl *CAPTAIN* (Iceland)
F Dwayne Robertson (Mighty Ducks) Charlie Conway (Mighty Ducks) Jesse Hall (Mighty Ducks)
F Guy Germaine (Mighty Ducks) Luis Mendoza (Mighty Ducks) Connie Moreau (Mighty Ducks)
D Dean Portman (Mighty Ducks) Fulton Reed *CAPTAIN* (Mighty Ducks) Olaf Sanderson (Iceland)
D McGill (Hawks) Cole (Eden Hall Varsity) Uberjavik (Iceland)
G Wiesel (Iceland) Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney (Mighty Ducks) Scooter (Varsity)

Which team is the best?

Who drafted the best team?


Poll Maker

Thanks to @AirLemaire for the #QuackQuestion.

Phil Banks, Adam’s dad:


Versus Uncle Phil:



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