Ep. 69: The #QuackQuestion of the year is revealed and the other side of Shaun Weiss’ feud with a listener is heard

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Winner of #QuackQuestion of the year 2015, @joyceeng61 joins Mike, Tommy and Kevin for this epsiode. The crew reads an all-time classic email, gets the other side of the winning #QuackQuestion and trades Mighty Ducks origin stories.

Show notes:

Donald’s email in full:


Congrats to @joyceeng61 for #QuackQuestion of the year. The full results:

@joyceeng61: 48%

@tknauff_: 24%

@wolffchele: 16%

@katshan23: 7%

@timminer: 5%

You can listen to the all the #QuackQuestions, including Joyce’s, in Episode 67.

Joyce’s #QuackQuestion originally came in Episode 53, 

Julie ‘The Cat’ losing focus: GIF

Thanks to @Totally_Offside for the #QuackQuestion.

Were Gunnar and Scooter separated at birth?


The synopsis of Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney’s book is in the show notes of Episode 58.

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