Ep. 7: What is the pro potential of every Mighty Duck?

September 3, 2014 1:07 am Published by 3 Comments

Thanks to an email from one of you, Mike, Tommy and Kevin go through the Mighty Ducks roster and determine the pro potential for each player. Does Conway do enough to get himself drafted? Can Adam Banks put himself in position to be picked No. 1 overall?


Show Notes

Guy Germaine’s “superstar looks:”


Andy Miele. Look at those college stats.

Here’s the most recent story of the U.S. women’s national team playing against, and losing to some boys high school teams.

The Josh Hamilton story, for those that don’t know it. 

Mike was wrong about how many high school players were taken in the 2000 draft. There were seven, but only two from Minnesota High Schools. Paul Martin was indeed the first high school player taken when the Devils drafted him in the second round, 62nd overall.

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  • Winnie says:

    You mentioned that you don’t know defensively how good Banks is, but remember in D3, he dove for the empty net to save a Varsity shot when Julie the Cat was caught out of the net? That save was sick. To this day fans still debat whether his goals are sicker or that save he made. Banks is an all-around player – good at both offense and defense.

  • Rocky says:

    Charlie made that dive, not Banks.

  • Sam says:

    Love the idea of Gaffney continuing to play hockey, but she wouldn’t be the first official female NHL player. Manon Rheaume–also a goaltender–was scouted for Phil Esposito and played preseason exhibition games for Tampa Bay in ’92 and 93.

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