Ep. 72: Examining Dwayne Robertson, his roping, and his life after the Mighty Ducks

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin take a deep dive into Dwayne Robertson and track his journey from how he started playing hockey down in Texas to his rodeo on ice/hockey trick team after Eden Hall. They also take a #QuackQuestion from their old friend Donald Cooper

NOTE: There were some technical difficulties with the first six or so minutes. I tried to fix them as best as I could. It gets better.

Show notes

Thanks to @garrettgreen for the topic suggestion.

Dwayne wearing his Crockett jersey.


Crockett, Texas is roughly three hours away from Austin. 

There’s a whole Wikipedia section for Cattle Stampedes, so that sounds like definitive proof that Cows stampede.

I couldn’t find the Simpsons bit with Homer scaring the cows. Please send it if you find it.

Dwayne as the victim of the shaving cream prank:


This is the first time we see the rope:


The analogy Kevin was looking for was: “If you want to ride in the Kentucky Derby you can’t leave your prized stallion in the stable.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones’ Tweet about not playing school, here it is.

Aw Shucks total count: 6. Times Tommy said it before Kevin said anything: 3. Times Kevin said it: 2. Time Mike said it: 1.

Pigs are apparently as smart as dogs and chimps.

The original Donald Cooper email is in Episode 69. (Nice)

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