Ep. 73: Who wins in a street fight between the Mighty Ducks, the Goonies and the Sandlot kids?

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin take a #QuackQuestion from @crimdelacrim3_3 and turn it into a full episode on the hypothetical street fight between the Sandlot kids, the Goonies and the Mighty Ducks. Who wins and who is the MVP?

Show notes

Thanks to to @crimdelacrim3_3 for the #QuackQuestion that started it all.

The full roster for the non-Mighty Ducks. (You should already know the Mighty Ducks roster by heart):


-Andy, the cheerleader girl

-Brand, the older brother

-Chunk, the tubby kid who does the truffle shuffle

-Data, the Asian kid who has all the booby traps

-Mikey, the younger brother and main character

-Mouth, the kid who talks a lot and knows Spanish

-Stef, Andy’s friend who loses her glasses

-Sloth, the big ugly looking guy who turns on the Fratellis and becomes a Goonie.

The Sandlot

-Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, no explanation needed

-Bertram Grover Weeks. He is this kid:


-Ham, the pudgy catcher who is also in The Big Green

-Kenny DeNunez, the reincarnation of Jesse Hall

-Smalls, the main character

-Squints, the kid with the thick glasses who talked a lot

-Yeah-Yeah, the greaser kid

-Timmy and Tommy Timmons, the twins.

Here is the story on the Mike Vitar allegedly taking part in beating up somebody via TMZ.

The exercise thing that Brand uses is called a chest expander.


This is the crazy Kimmy from Full House that Kevin referred to:


Here’s the AT-AT falling due to the X-wing taking it down with rope. Imagine Dwayne is the X-Wing and Sloth is the tie fighter.

Ham right before he bashed in nine people’s heads in with that bat:


Kevin was talking about harakiri, also known as seppuku. Mike was talking about Harry Caray.

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