Ep. 77: What happened to Russ Tyler’s crew?

March 23, 2016 11:52 pm Published by 1 Comment

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin break down Russ Tyler’s eight-man street hockey crew: how they started, how they got team U.S.A. to play them and what happened after. In the process they reveal the tragic story of Russ and his brother James and how Hans fits into the whole situation.

Show notes:

The crew:


Hector in D2 (played by Noah Verduzco) versus James Madio.




It was Steve Brill who revealed that Russ has a sporting goods store. 

We gave the Hans theory in Episode 11. In the end we decided that Jan ended up running Hans’ Sport Shop as a legitimate business after Hans faked his death and moved to Norway.

Russell Athletic is a front.

Thanks @KroganWeAre for the #QuackQuestion.

Luis Mendoza breaking the fourth wall.


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Pod intro and outro by Josh Luecht

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