Ep. 78: Examining Gordon Bombay’s childhood for clues to how he handled the Mighty Ducks

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin examine Gordon Bombay’s younger years and look at how the loss of his dad coupled with him missing the penalty shot drastically altered the course of his life. They also investigate what happened to Gordon’s mom.

Show notes

The Ducks are 0-11-1 when Gordon is talking to Hans at the Sport Shop:


They then forfeit to the Flames and beat the Huskies, giving them 14 regular season games. 198/14 = 14.1 goals per game. Even if you assume the Ducks play the other nine teams twice for a total of 18 games, Bombay still averaged 11 goals per game.

Bombay missing the shot:


Tim Thomas the basketball player vs. Tim Thomas the hockey goalie.

Bombay’s speech to Banks about his dad:

Gordon’s dad:


The other guy in Hoop Dream, William Gates.

The University of Minnesota has the No. 22 law school in the country according to U.S. News and World Report. (Duke ranks 11th.)

Thanks to @LukEwbank for the #QuackQuestion

The Marlins weren’t established until 2003.

According to Wikipedia, the Dodgers’ spring training home until 2008 was in Vero Beach, Florida, which is about a two-hour drive from Miami. It fits!

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