Ep. 8: Fulton Reed’s transition from street kid to Mighty Ducks leader

September 9, 2014 11:46 pm Published by 4 Comments

Mike, Tommy and Kevin track Fulton’s Reed life from street kid to Mighty Ducks stalwart. Is he the true leader of the Ducks and deserving of the ‘C’? Also, the crew gives their theories on what happened to Fulton after the Ducks left Eden Hall.


Show Notes:

“People talk. It don’t mean nothing.”

Guy, Jesse and Fulton stealing the zamboni


Two minutes for roping:

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  • Jon says:

    What about Connie as a leader for the Ducks. She’s one of the more vocal players and in D1 she’s the first to meet Bombay, one of the first to join the quack chant and tells the guys to join in. Not to mention she always plays hard(D3), and puts the team over everything, ever her romance with Guy(D2).

  • Leia says:

    Just listen to this and I love it. Will be listening to the other episodes later

  • Rhea says:

    I see Fulton as more of a follower than a leader, though. More an XO rather than a CO. But definitely someone Charlie can rely on.

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