Ep. 80: How Luis Mendoza became a Mighty Ducks player and how he repeated his father’s mistakes

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin dive deep into Luis Mendoza’s life. They examine how he was discovered in playing hockey in Miami, his emotional reunion with his estranged father Benny ‘The Jet’ Rodriguez, his career as a short-track speed skater and much more.

Show Notes:

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Listen to Episode 78 for the whole Luis Mendoza/Benny The Jet connection.

Luis Mendoza and Benny the Jet. Quite the resemblence:

Luis_Mendoza (1)

Mendoza not stopping:


Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald was indeed a ballboy for the Vikings back in the day. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Rube Baker from Major League:

Mike, Tommy and Kevin gave their ideal shootout lineups in Episode 13. None of three picked Luis to be in the lineup.

Luis and Mindy:


Here is Episode 7, where we first talk about Luis Mendoza’s transition to speed skating. 

Travis Henry was a running back for the Bills, Titans and Broncos. He had nine children with nine different mothers.  Brian Urlacher has two daughers with his ex-wife and a son with an exotic dancer.

Thanks to @cjgjmg for the #QuackQuestion.

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