Ep. 84: Where did and where does Dean Portman fit in amongst the Mighty Ducks?

May 18, 2016 9:44 pm Published by 2 Comments

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Thanks to some requests from Quackolytes, Mike, Tommy, and Kevin spend an episode breaking down Dean Portman. The group discusses how he was discovered, whether he was a leader of the team, what he was doing during the one hour, 15 minutes of D3, and more

Show notes

Thanks to @denys152denys and Leia from Australia for their Dean Portman love.

We talked about Don Tibbles picking kids based on marketing basis in Episode 21.

For more info, listen to Episode 14 on the Bash Brothers.

Here is a very old-school feature on Greg Oden that features some high school highlights. This might look like it’s from the ’80s. It’s actually from 2006:

Some bootleg video of the fourth graders beating the fifth graders after Torvald gets injured:

Pass the ball to Tucker:

The Pataki Attacki Podcast is coming soon.

Portman comes in for the third period.

Portman stripping in the penalty box:

Dean Portman strip move

Thanks to @MacKinnon08 for the #QuackQuestion.

The dreaded second place:


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