Ep. 85: What happened to the other team that beat the Hawks?

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An extensive #QuackQuestion leads Mike, Tommy, and Kevin down the road of the 1973 Duluth East peewee team, the club that beat the Hawks when Gordon Bombay missed his penalty shot. What if I told you a peewee team in Duluth could turn into local legend?

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Show Notes

Thanks to @ak2themax for the topic.

The moment that will live forever in Duluth:

Young bombay devastated

Before 1973 the Duluth high schools combined had five tournaments and one championship. Total they now have 29 appearances and three championships. Duluth East has won all three titles.

The drinking age in Minnesota in 1973 was 18.

Danny Almonte for those that don’t know.

The Duluth East goalie stands well over the top of the net (which is four feet tall) when he’s down in his crouch:


This is where Beaverton, Ontario is. This is where London, Ontario is.

David killed Goliath and carried his head to Jerusalem.

Possible candidates who were Bombay’s friends in peewees and then befriended Basil McRae on the North Stars:

  • Defenseman Scott Hirsch — from Minneapolis, played one game with McRae
  • Forward Scott Bjugstad — from St. Paul, played parts of two years with McRae.
  • Defenseman Reed Larson — Larson from the Hawk’s namesake, from Minneapolis, played 11 games with McRae

Riotus is a word. Recognizability is also a word.

The correct etymology for those from Duluth are Duluthians.

Jim Craig played a grand total of 30 games in the NHL.

The second-place banner:



Phil Vercota went to Duluth East high school.

Thanks to @atgioffre for the #QuackQuestion.

This was teh FIFA 16 cover:


Madden was on the cover of his namesake video game until 2001. It wasn’t Daunte Culpepper but Eddie George who graced the 2001 cover.

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