Ep. 86: Did the Mighty Ducks’ training camp in D2 do what it was supposed to?

June 8, 2016 10:57 pm Published by 2 Comments

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin take a deep dive into Mighty  Ducks training camp in D2 and have plenty of questions for Gordon Bombay. Why didn’t he know who any of his new players were? Why did he create an instant rift amongst the old Ducks and new Ducks?

Show Notes

The first date of that we have on a USA TODAY paper is after the U.S. beats Trinidad and Tobago. The date: March 1, 1994. Mike was way off. They would’ve all still been in school.

Here’s the new players showing off to the waiting Ducks.

New players squadding up

We talked about Bombay’s unorthodox training methods in Episode 36. 

Here is Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin letting his team go to the movies instead of practice:

Here’s our episode on Don Tibbles’ success. 


Random jumps

Thanks to @Barbelle_Winnie for the #QuackQuestion.

We broke down the infamous JV/Varsity dinner in Episode 40.

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  • Rhea says:

    You were wondering if there was an apology by Banks sometime after the dinner that might have happened off-screen.

    My thoughts: Most probably. Plus, something big happened sometime after that dinner – Hans died. That definitely brought them all together. Even Charlie was at the funeral, even though he was off to the side while the rest of the Ducks were pretty much standing together, and he walked off afterwards…
    Anyway, back to Banks… he was with the rest of the Ducks at that street game they had that Bombay brought Charlie to, if I remember correctly. So apparently, Banks had already reconciled with them at that point.

  • Sara says:

    Personally I don’t think Banks was the one who needed to apologize, he didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t know about the Varsity’s plan to stiff JV with the check until they were walking out of the restaurant. And if you were a 14-15 year old freshman on a team with a bunch of huge Seniors, maybe some Juniors, then you’d be careful not to piss them off. So him not screaming “It’s a trap! Run!” right there when he finds out, isn’t about being mean its about fear. Banks took no part in this prank war and didn’t even know about half of it until after the fact, yet the ducks were quick to link him in with rest for no reason. The Ducks aren’t innocent, they were quick to drop Banks as soon as he got put on Varsity, just because he was good enough to be promoted. It’s not like he bought or cheated his way on to Varsity, he didn’t even ask for it nor did he seem happy when he found out. He got on because he was the best (out of the ducks) and he worked hard for it, even going so far as to be willing to play while he’s injured, just so he wouldn’t let his team down, he’s also the most professional on the team as he doesn’t let off ice emotions get in the way, something Charlie did a lot in this movie. Also, the Ducks’ pranks were far worse, while the dinner was bad, the ducks destroyed school property, stole from the school, not to mention you can die from a fire ant bite especially if someone was allergic.
    I do think it should have shown how Banks reconciled with them though, because that was a little strange to me. Its like one second he and Charlie are pounding each other, then their playing Street Hockey and laughing. Like what? Though I did love that scene, both of them.

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