Ep. 9: The many women in Gordon Bombay’s life

September 17, 2014 3:21 am Published by 3 Comments

Mike, Tommy and Kevin track Gordon Bombay’s dealings with women through the years and try to figure out what became of his many relationships. They also try to figure out if Bombay ever left behind his playboy ways and settled down.


Show Notes:

Minnehaha Park: 10 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. After the podcast, Mike did discover a Minnehaha, Washington, which is right by the Oregon/Washington border. If that was the place Gordon went, the greyhound bus trip makes a whole lot more sense.

Gordon Bombay and Maria’s first meeting:


Maria Ellingsen a.k.a Marria a.k.a “Iceland Chick”: Born in Iceland.

“It’s not a shoe. It’s a loafer.”


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  • Chris Devine says:

    I always thought it was clear that Wolf ‘the Dentist’ Stanton was sending Maria out to distract Bombay.

    I was surprised some of you were unsure about it.

    I love your podcast guys haha

  • Chris Devine says:

    Wolf ‘the Dentist’ Stansson*

    Bombay: I thought Greenland was green
    Maria: Greenland is full of ice, and Iceland is very nice. I expect it would be like Minnesota where you’re from.
    Bombay: how do you know where I am from?
    Maria: … I asked around

  • Rhea says:

    I missed the line saying Casey got remarried but I did read somewhere that that was the case. It really puzzled me because isn’t it only a year between D1 & D2? If she thought the thing with Gordon was going too fast… then she goes and gets married within a year? I found that weird. I think it more likely that they just didn’t work out because the bond was stronger between Gordon and Charlie, not much between Gordon and Casey. At most, maybe she has a new boyfriend that she’s really serious with at that point. Anyway, she and Gordon stays good friends, which is very good for Charlie, too.

    Maria was spying for Iceland, I think.

    I like the idea that Gordon gets it together by D3, and may have a serious relationship with someone off-screen, could be McKay or someone else. Probably someone else. I just mention McKay because of the possibility that they still work closely together(?) I forget to which McKay was affiliated with – was it Team USA, Hendrix, or the Junior Goodwill Games?

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