Ep. 90: Ty McClary (Dwayne Robertson) talks about becoming virtually brothers with Kenan Thompson, losing acting parts to Leonardo DiCaprio

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Ty McClary joins Mike, Tommy, Kevin to talk about almost quitting acting before he became Dwayne Robertson on the Mighty Ducks, how his roping ability was written into the script, why his dad become Kenan Thompson’s legal guardian for a while, who was the easiest to rope & more.

Show notes

Who’s ready to play some puck?


Ty now:

Thanks to Ty for coming on. Here’s Ty McClary’s IMDB. (He went by Ty O’Neal. It’s his middle name.) Watch the Cinch High School Rodeo Tour on RFD-TV. The next episode airs Sunday at 12:30 EST.

Here’s the Wikipedia for “The Good Old Boys.” Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t on the cast list, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t on it.

Basically blood brothers:

russ and dwayne

Smearing shaving cream on his face over, and over, and over:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (14)

Ty with his beloved rope:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (15)


D2: The Mighty Ducks grossed $45 million domestically.

Terry Leonard has 139 stunt credits on IMDB. Ben Johnson has 103 credits. He passed away in 1996. 

American Outlaws, starring Colin Farrell.

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Pod intro and outro by Josh Luecht

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  • JACK WHITE says:

    Great to hear the podcast with the cowboy and he is still as nice and centered as he was when we were teaching him to skate. there was no way I was not teaching him to be able to skate for the film .I had a philosophy that I shared with the players all the time and it was if you come to me with a problem…have a solution!! In Tys case he was such a great kid I had to come up with a solution for him. A great kid and still down to earth.

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