Ep. 93: Which Mighty Ducks were best friends with each other?

August 11, 2016 12:04 am Published by 5 Comments

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In the wake the of Ty McClary (Dwayne) revealing Kenan Thompson (Russ) was his best friend, Mike, Tommy, and Kevin try to figure out which players were best friends with which. Are the Bash Brothers three-way best friends? Who can be best friends with Charlie?

Show notes

We talked with Ty McClary in Episode 90.

Something about a shrinking sphicter:


“Like lamb and tuna fish”

“Yes Uncle Remus, I know the catfish are huge.” 

Kevin’s USA TODAY cover:


My Baby’s Daddy was indeed the Anthony Anderson movie Tommy was talking about. It has a 4% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

We talked with Jane Plank in Episode 74 and she did indeed say that Jussie Smollett was her best friend on the film. Kevin was not here for that.

It was Charlie and Jesse who got Averman from the movie theatre and Jesse is the one who suggested it. After Averman, the crew gets Connie and Guy and then Goldberg.

Internet sleuther Where’s My Burrito? analyzed the Mighty Ducks rollerblading scene and found they went over 43 miles.

Philly Mag’s Dan McQuade figured out that Rocky ran over 30 miles during his training run in Rocky II.

Thanks to @Totally_Offside for the #QuackQuestion

We found out who Karp’s dad was in Episode 15, learned about Karp’s loving family in Episode 16, and talked about Peter getting tangled in Hans’ web in Episode 46.

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Pod intro and outro by Josh Luecht

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  • Leia says:

    I have learnt my lesson to not listen to the podcasts while travelling on a public bus. I must have looked very bizarre giggling and then nodding or shaking my head (about who are best friends with who) to myself. Regardless I loved this week’s ep

  • Jay says:

    My favorite episode so far! I really love these kind of episodes. I would love if you guys did a podcast episode about the top 5 best or most likable ducks and the top 5 worst or dislikable ducks

  • Rue says:

    I’d say:
    Karp/Peter Mark/Terry (They’re bad impressions on him, and turn him to the Hans empire)
    Luis and Kenny (WUWUWU) could be best friends, but I see them tagging along with everyone (like you mentioned Charlie doing [but I don’t see Charlie doing that]). They’re never really left out, per say, but they’re not normally included unless someone (Averman or Goldberg) accidently brings up their plans after school at lunch or something.

    (I hope I didn’t forget anyone)

  • Mercedes says:

    Charlie and Banks definitely have a bromance going on. It’s subtle, but there. They have a lot of little moments together throughout the series. Charlie is the only one to attempt to welcome Banks when he joins the Ducks in D1. D2 is the goldmine for moments between the two. Charlie and Banks fistbump and can be seen chatting when the Ducks are rollerblading on their way to meet Bombay. Charlie is the one to encourage Banks not to worry about scouts. Charlie gives up his spot for Banks in the final Iceland game. When Banks takes his penalty shot he seeks an assuring nod from Charlie (as well as McKay & Bombay). When the Ducks win you see the two hugging and Adam gives Charlie the flag. Then in D3, Charlie is the one to stake a claim to Banks after the scholarship hearing when the Ducks are talking to Varsity. Yeah, they’re not seen talking a lot, but the actions support them being good friends.

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