Ep. 96: Which Mighty Ducks do we (and you) identify with the most?

August 31, 2016 11:04 pm Published by 2 Comments

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Thanks to a #QuackQuestion from @ACarlson701, Mike, Tommy, and Kevin discuss which Mighty Duck they identify with the most. They start with a discussion about who they identified with the most as children and how that’s changed as they’ve gotten older and realized how much of a douche Charlie was in D3. They also put out a call to the Quackolytes to see which Ducks they identified with the most.

Show notes

Thanks to @ACarlson701 for the #QuackQuestion that this episode is based on.

Charlie giving up his spot:

Rudy for those that don’t know. 

The jersey scene from Rudy.

“You’re an All-American and our captain, act like it.”

The actor who played Rudy was also in the Lord of the Rings.

Shoutout to Debbie Cullen.

Fulton learning to skate at the Mall of America:

Fulton learning

Goldberg and Conway on huge hills that end with an overpass:

Thanks to Zach Grouwinkel for the email #QuackQuestion.

Shoutout to blog.prepscholar.com

Our final ACT scores for the Mighty Ducks:

Adam Banks – 28

Charlie Conway – 27

Connie Moreau – 32

Dave Karp – 14

Dave/Les Averman – 33

Dean Portman – 20

Dwayne Robertson – Didn’t take it

Fulton Reed – 23

Greg Goldberg – 18

Guy Germaine – 26

Jesse Hall – 25

Julie “The Cat” Gaffney – 35

Ken Wu – 31

Luis Mendoza – 18

Peter Mark – Did not tke it

Russ Tyler – 23

Tammy Duncan – 27

Terry Hall – 26

Tommy Duncan – 25

Here are the ACT/GPA requirements to play college sports. 

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Pod intro and outro by Josh Luecht

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  • Tasha says:


    International person here and not too vocal fan. Not from Australia, but I am from South Africa.

    All the way down here, we work on a percentage based system. So in 12th grade which we refer to as matric, you would get an average percentage for each subject you’ve taken based on your portfolio work like projects etc during the year combined with your preliminary mid-year exams and your final exams.

    To get into university you need to graduate high school with a bachelor’s pass which allows you to go to university. Obviously, depending on what you want to study, you’d need a specific minimum percentage for specific subjects which are crucial to that degree. You’d also need a minimum amount of overall points which vary from degree to degree. This is calculated from all the percentages you’ve achieved from the subjects you’ve done. So for 80 percent and above you’d get 7 points, for 70-80 percent you’d 6 points and so on.

    So for example to do a law degree at the uni I’m at, you’d need a minimum of 33 points and that would vary from university to university. So I guess we don’t really have an aptitude test as such, you just need to do well throughout the year and your application is determined from that perspective. Sounds convoluted, I know, but it really is pretty straightforward.

    Thanks for all the great pods ^_^

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