Ep. 97: Melissa Keller tries to figure out how she went from D3: The Mighty Ducks cheerleader to three-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit model

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Mike and Kevin (Tommy is sick) welcome Melissa Keller, who played Mindy the head cheerleader in D3, to the podcast. Melissa explains how she became a cheerleader, which actor was a dick to her, how she went from D3 to Sports Illustrated, and more.

Show Notes

Thanks to Melissa for coming on. Check her out on Instagram and see some of her photography work at artlesscoporation.com.

Melissa in action:


Christopher Orr played Riley. Kind of dick to Melissa:


Melissa and Mike Vitar having their moment:

Luis and Mindy Makeout

Shoutout to the guy Melissa thinks is named Shawn that stopped her at the bar and recognized her from the Mighty Ducks.

They did make Melissa the “sporty girl” in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Here are shots from 2002, 2003 and 2004, where she is sitting on a soccer bench, parasailing, and, uh, on a horse.


(Photo: SI)

She did to roll around in the sand like she wanted to as well.

Marisa Miller for those who don’t know who she is.

Thanks to @ak2themax for the #QuackQuestion.

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