Ep. 98: An examination of Tommy, Tammy and their relationship in a Duncan deep dive

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin profile Tommy and Tammy Duncan. First and foremost, they try to figure out what exactly is the relationship between the two. Then they examine their spots on the team and what happened after they left the Mighty Ducks.

Show notes

Tommy and Tammy:


Here is where you can find the wall art for any of our store designs. 

Background on the Duncans provided in Episode 16 and Episode 47.

Here’s a definition of Irish twins if you’re not familiar. 

I’m not completely sure which Disney Channel movie Kevin was talking about but I think its Twiches. If anybody has any other guesses. Contact us. (UPDATE: @JUmberson says the movie Kevin was talking about was Escape to Witch Mountain. UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I had the wrong Escape to Witch Mountain.)

“Mom isn’t going to like this at all”:
Angry Tammy

Little Giants, for those that don’t know, but if you’ve seen the Mighty Ducks you’ve probably seen Little Giants.

Tommy and Tammy’s one trick:

Tammy spin

This was the Cue Cat. 

Thanks to @bberg19 for the #QuackQuestion.

Russ’ crew:


According to Ancestry.com, Duncan is a Scottish and Irish surname, originally of Scottish origin.

Unfamilar with Florida Gulf Coast? This is all you really need to know?

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Pod intro and outro by Josh Luecht

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