Ep. 99: How would the Mighty Ducks fare as a football team?

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin tackle (pun intended) one of the great philosophical questions of our time: What if the Mighty Ducks went to football? What if, instead of Fulton coming to the Ducks, the Ducks went to Fulton? What would that team look like?

Show Notes

People talk. Don’t mean nothin’.


Shoutout to Fulton, the Mark Chmura of the Ducks:


(Mark Chmura for those that don’t know.)

Boobie Miles, from the movie Friday Night Lights, which is based on the book, which is a true story. More info on the real Boobie.

Tim Riggins, from the fictional TV show, Friday Night Lights. More info on the fake Riggins.


Here’s an absurdly¬†long article on King of the Hill, football, and Bill’s touchdown record.

The completed team:


QB: Guy Germaine

RB/FB: Fulton Reed

RB: Luis Mendoza

WR: Adam Banks (Backup: Ken Wu)

WR: Jesse Hall (Backup: Connie Moreau)

TE/H Back: Dwayne Robertson

RT: Russ Tyler

RG: Dave Karp

C: Julie “The Cat” Gaffney

LG: Dean Portman

LT: Greg Goldberg



DE: Tammy Duncan

DT: Tommy Duncan

DT: Dave/Les Averman

DE: Connie Moreau

LB: Dean Portman

LB: Fulton Reed

LB: Ken Wu

CB: Terry Hall

CB: Peter Mark

SS: Charlie Conway

FS: Luis Mendoza


Special teams

K: Luis Mendoza

P: Fulton Reed

KR: Luis Mendoza

PR: Ken Wu


Thanks to @hopkinsm365 for the #QuackQuestion.

Tibbles jamming to the line dancing:

Tibbles dance


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