Ep. 2: Team Iceland

July 30, 2014 12:43 am Published by 2 Comments

It’s Iceland week! Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss the rise of Icelandic hockey, Wolf Stansson’s coaching, the best Iceland player not named Gunnar Stahl, the controversial Russia game that was the fall of the dynasty and more.

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Show Notes:

Here is the Iceland page on icehockey.wikia.com.

According to Hockey Reference, no person born in Iceland has played in the NHL.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Danny Almonte situation.

This podcast was recorded at an earlier date, so the IIHF World Championships are over. Iceland does indeed have a national team. They are in Division II and they finished second to Estonia at the most recent Division II Tournament with one win, three overtime wins and no losses.

The Jamaican Ice Hockey Federation started in 2011 and was accepted into the IIHF in 2012. 

The turn by Gunnar at the end of the movie:

At certain point we got into Julie the Cat’s exploits with Scooter, the goalie from D3. Mike and Kevin thought there Julie and Scooter went beyond just a kiss on the cheek. They were wrong. Tommy was right. Here’s the only action between the two at the end of D3.


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  • Rhea says:

    Interesting idea about some rift going between Wolf and Gunnar, though I’m doubtful Gunnar would deliberately throw a (championship) game because of that, especially in an international, Olympic level tournament with scouts in the crowd.

    In any case, it could answer your question about whether Iceland’s style of play was mainly because of the coach, or if the players were just a bunch of douches themselves. I think maybe it’s Wolf – that was his style and he’s making (forcing?) his players to play that way, and maybe some of them think it’s too much but can’t really do anything but follow the coach. Could explain Gunnar’s ‘you lost it for yourself’ comment, most likely referring to the fact that the very physical style of play Wolf preferred didn’t keep them from having to go on a shootout against USA (where they pretty much have a more level playing field), plus the fact that going after the USA coach actually motivated the Ducks to push themselves more in the game against Iceland.

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