Quackolytes, no podcast this week; Have this message of thanks instead

September 8, 2015 6:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Let’s get the news out of the way first: There’s no podcast this week. Sorry. The schedules just didn’t align.

You’ll have to accept this terrible substitute instead. I didn’t want to let the week go by without saying thanks to all of you who’ve listened. August was our best month ever in terms of downloads. Through eight days in September we’ve already almost doubled that.

That’s because of you. You’re listening, you’re sharing it on social media, you’re telling your friends.

We started this podcast in on the joke. It’s a Mighty Ducks podcast. You kind of have to be. We wondered how long we could go, how many episodes we could make, how many people would listen. Everyone we talked to about it either understood it completely or didn’t comprehend it at all. It’s still that way now.

But we knew there were people out there that were like us, that would get it. As this pod has gone on we’ve talked to people we never thought we’d talk to and became internet friends with people we didn’t know existed. There’s a community here. There’s more people that get it than you think.

We record out of an apartment. We produce, edit, upload and promote the podcasts ourselves. We built the website ourselves. We host the shows on server space we pay for. There are no producers, no major company behind us, no radio station showing us the way. What I’m trying to say is we’re in this together. You’re all the advertising we have (and can afford), so keep spreading the word.┬áThe more support we get the easier it is to push forward with the pod. And we’ve got big plans.

The pod will definitely return next week. If all goes to plan, we’ll have a guest who can give some details few others can.

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