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Ep. 22: Goldberg vs. Julie the Cat


It’s the great debate of our time: Julie the Cat or Goldberg? OK, maybe it isn’t. Julie was better. Still, Mike, Tommy and Kevin track the relationship and rivalry of Julie and Goldberg from the first time they meet in D2 through the end of D3 and beyond.

Show notes:

Julie the Cat dominating right away:

It was either 5-0, or 5-1 when Julie the Cat came in the game and did her stunt. The announcer says after an Iceland goal that the score is 4-1, but in the next scene the cameras show the scoreboard and it reads 4-0.


Goldberg hell bent on making his teammate worse:


We talked about Fulton Reed as the Mighty Ducks’ true leader in Episode 8. 

The discussion about Julie the Cat as one of our greatest Olympians is in Episode 7. 

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Ep. 21: Don Tibbles, a success story


Mike, Tommy and Kevin approach D2 from Don Tibbles’ perspective. In tracking Tibbles from his first meeting with Gordon Bombay to his approving head nod at the end of the film/documentary, they discover what can only be classified as a success story.

Show notes:

Don Tibbles!

Our introduction to him:

Mike Babcock was in college at McGill University in 1994, so he would’ve been too young for to coach Team USA. One other point that Mike failed to mention: Mike Babcock is Canadian. That’s not the best thing when you’re trying to market a coach of Team USA.

Averman and Goldberg. Very marketable:

Our discussion on Kenny Wu was Episode 17. 

Wheaties is a branch of General Mills.

This is what Wheaties look like:


Don Tibbles rushing to Gordon’s aid after Stansson slashes Bombay.



Tibbles quacking after the jersey change:

Don Tibbles approves:

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Ep. 20: What happened to the Mighty Ducks between D1 and D2?


Using clues from the films, Mike, Tommy and Kevin determine just how long the time period was between the Mighty Ducks movies, and what events in that gray area paved the way for some to join Junior Goodwill Games team while others disappeared.

Show Notes:

It’s time to get the crew back together!

Charlie in D1 telling Bombay how he runs off his mom’s boyfriends.

Basil McRae:



According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, a minor under 14 cannot be employed except as a newspaper carrier, in agriculture (with parental consent), an actor, a model or a youth athletic program referee. So this:


Is illegal, unless of course, Averman lied about his age (as we suspected) and got away with it.

Tommy wonders if the movie theater Averman works in is a mom-and-pop shop. Averman works at General Cinema, a (now-defunct) corporation that had 621 theatres in its prime, so the answer is no.



“Our son the goalie”




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Ep. 19: Gordon Bombay the lawyer and the Mighty Ducks


Mike, Tommy and Kevin look at the other side of Gordon Bombay’s life: his work as a lawyer. The discussion covers Gordon’s tactics, his exit, Mr. Ducksworth, and Ducksworth’s relationship with the seemingly omnipresent Hans.

Show notes:

Frankie boy!

The moment Ducksworth makes Gordon Bombay the highest paid youth coach in history:

Seriously, you’re going to need to listen to the Hans episode if you want to fully understand the second half of this episode.

This is Jane:


The words that killed the Ducksworth-Bombay relationship:

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Ep. 18: A journey into the real world to talk about the Mighty Ducks


Mike, Tommy and Kevin break down the New York Times’ reviews of the three Mighty Ducks movies in an effort to get in a Twitter beef with the reviewers and the NYT. The reviewers seemed to hate the movies, but is there criticism founded?


Show Notes

The Rotten Tomatoes score for The Mighty Ducks: 15% for the critics.

The Rotten Tomatoes score for D2: 21 percent from the critics. 

The Rotten Tomatoes score for D3: 20 percent from the critics.

Janet Maslin’s review of The Mighty Ducks in the New York Times on October 2, 1992. 

Caryn James’ review of D2: The Mighty Ducks in the New York Times on March 25, 1994. 

Lawrence Van Gelder’s review of D3: The Mighty Ducks in the New York Times on October 4, 1996.

The Ducks only knock one lady in a fountain, and Fulton does it accidentally. Goldberg also steals some guy’s food:

Janet doesn’t seem to like this scene:

Here’s a link to all the uniforms the Anaheim Ducks have had in their history. 


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Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss the third Bash Brother, Mr. Kenny Wu. They discuss his upbringing as an elite figure skater, Don Tibbles’ pitch to move him to hockey, his coming doom after fighting a goalie and much more.


Show notes:


Kenny Wu introduced, where Don Tibbles explains how he convinced him to play hockey:

D2 Stats

The Ducks beat Italy 11-0.

The Grab Bag episode where we talked about the shootout lineup was Episode 13. Tommy does bring up Wu in the episode and says he would either put Wu or Connie at No. 4. Kevin puts Kenny Wu at No. 3. Mike leaves him out of his shootout lineup.

Kenny Wu was not listed on in the double results.

There is no information on Wu’s ancestry. But there is some indication that the name “Wu” has a Chinese connection.

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Ep. 16: What kind of families do these kids come from?


Mike, Tommy and Kevin peel back the curtain on the original Mighty Ducks team and take a look at the families behind the Ducks. From Karp’s loving family to Banks’ brother David, they uncover a lot that explains the real reasons behind the kids’ actions.

Show notes:

Jesse telling Gordon that this is a drug-free zone:

Where Casey Conway works:


If you’re unfamiliar with the backstory between Hans and Charlie’s father, listen to Episode 11.

For more on the Adam Banks/Phil Banks relationship head over to Episode 12.

Definitive proof that Tammy Duncan is in the classroom with Tommy:



Talk about Goldberg’s deli as a front for Hans’ empire is also in Episode 11.

The point where Karp looks to Peter Mark for guidance. Notice Peter’s clothes are way too big for him:


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Ep. 15: What effect do the fans have on the Mighty Ducks?


Mike, Tommy and Kevin break down the evolution of the Ducks’ fan base, from the empty stands in D-5’s first game under Gordon Bombay to the Ducks swinging the entire crowd in the Varsity-JV showdown.

Show notes:


Episode 3 when we talk about Eden Hall’s fans

The game with the Cardinals. The stands are filled.


Watch Karp’s dad spill the popcorn:

Karp’s dad hugging Karp after the Ducks beat the Hawks in the state championship:



The backstory on Hans’ relationship with the Bombay and Conway families. It was Episode 11.

Episode 2 explains the “rife strife” between Gunnar Stahl and Wolf Stansson.

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Ep. 14: The Bash Brothers — Examining the relationship between Dean Portman and Fulton Reed


Mike, Tommy and Kevin breakdown the interesting relationship between the Bash Brothers: Dean Portman and Fulton Reed. Do their antics fire up the team or only lead to bad penalties? Are they good for each other or bad influences?


Show Notes:

Portman being introduced to Fulton Reed.

Fulton and Portman jammin out before going to bed.

Portman’s statistics from D2: 7 GP, 1 G, 0 A, 0 P, 14 PIM

Fulton’s statistics from D2: 7 GP, 1 G, 2 A, 3 P, 2 PIM

(Thanks again to Flargalarg for the stats)

Two minutes for … roping?

Portman is kicked out of the first Iceland game because of his hit against Stahl, not Sanderson as Tommy says. There is also no “intent to injure” line by the ref. That comes later and isn’t addressed at Portman.

Part of the second period of the second Iceland game, where the Bash Brothers go wild:

We talked about Fulton Reed in Episode 8. 

Portman returns!


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Ep. 13: Grab bag! Shootouts, Team USA’s scouting, and announcer Josh


It’s a special grab bag episode! Instead of one topic Mike, Tommy and Kevin did three quick hitters. First they discussed what the order should’ve been for the Ducks in the D2 shootout. Second was whether Don Tibbles made the right choices in constructing Team USA. Third was a debate about announcer Josh in D3 and his aptitude.

Show Notes:

Here’s the Mighty Ducks 2 shootout (kind of):

Don Tibbles’ assembly of newbies that was more for the marketing than for the winning the Junior Goodwill games:

Josh and Paul Kariya in D3:


Josh actually mentions that Kariya is visiting friends in the Twin Cities area, so that’s why he’s in town. Contrary to what Mike thought, there is no mention that Kariya is an alumnus of Eden Hall.

Mike was also saying this was ’94. D3 was actually 96. He knows this, he was just thinking about Don Tibbles’ roster construction.