Ep. 53: Shaun Weiss a.k.a. Greg Goldberg tells of how he had diarrhea during his favorite scene


Shaun Weiss, who played Greg Goldberg, joins Mike, Tommy, and Kevin to talk about how he was originally cast as an Eskimo who had one line, why his mom locked a producer in trailer, how he had diarrhea during his favorite scene, and much more.

Show Notes

Shaun Weiss’ IMDB. 

Here is the first episode of Why Not Weiss:

You can view the episodes as they come out here.

Atuk the Eskimo.

Jack White is indeed Coach Wilson in D3.

This is the picture Shaun saw as a kid when he went to a different movie before the Mighty Ducks came out:


You can hear Casey Garven’s story about the original Adam Banks here.

The guy Shaun was talking about that may or may not have almost done something that nearly got him kicked off the film may or may not be Brandon Quintin Adams, who played Jesse Hall. 

This is the Chiller Convention.

Shaun is right. The film doesn’t capture the majesty of Charlie Conway’s triple deke:

Here is Shaun’s favorite scene, which he also had severe diarrhea for:

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Ep. 52: D3 co-writer Jim Burnstein who originally had the Mighty Ducks losing


Jim Burnstein, the primary writer of D3 and the Director of Screenwriting at the University of Michigan joins Mike and Tommy to discuss how he got involved in the film, why he originally had the Ducks losing, how Disney made him change it, and much more.

Show notes:

A little profile on Jim to get to know him better. Here’s his IMDB. 

Here’s a look a Renaissance Man, Jim’s first movie.

Ted Orion, who was originally Ted Hunter.


For the uninitiated read all about Ted Lindsay and Orion, the hunter in Greek mythology. 

For reference: This is Steve Brill. 

The confidence speech, minus Orion throwing the puck up and catching it.

While Jim was writing D3, Brill was directing Heavyweights. To be fair, it’s another classic:

Thanks to @ClintThrasher for the #QuackQuestion.

Dean Portman’s return:

And Portman’s dance:

“He’s in what grade?”

The scene that Jim used the entirety of everything he learned in law school on:

Ep. 51: Newbie Charlie Scudder loses his Flying V card


Mike, Tommy, and Kevin welcome in Charlie Scudder a.k.a Chucky Scuds, a man who has never had never seen the Mighty Ducks before. Scuds discusses why he had never seen the film and his thoughts after watching before he hears some Quack Attack theories.

Show notes

Shoutout to Angels in the Outfield.

Angels in the Endzone was a TV movie. It has an audience score of 29% on Rotten Tomatoes and no professional reviews.

Jack Reilly popping his collar:


This is the 30 for 30 Scudder was talking about.

We talked about young Ludacris playing Averman in Episode 50.

Episode 1 is the discussion on Gordon Bombay’s real morals.

As for Bombay’s coaching, Episode 36  is titled, How good of a coach is Gordon Bombay?

Hans’ Sports Shop:

Han's Sport Shop

The Hans theory is laid out in Episode 11.

The movie Tommy was talking about where a guy’s head is destroyed in a vice was indeed. Casino. This is the scene. It’s probably NSFW.

This is the scene Kevin was talking about in The Town with the florist clipping the flowers:

The Mighty Ducks’s production budget was $10 million. 

Thanks to @katshan23 for the #QuackQuestion

This is the scene Mike was speaking off where Bombay says he’s from Minneapolis and Banks says he’s from Edina.

Banks’ listed address is 450 North Hennepin Ave. This is where Google says that is.

Mike got Charlie’s Twitter wrong. It’s @cscudder.

Ep. 50: Recasting the first Mighty Ducks movie


Jake Gyllenhaal recently revealed he was picked to play Charlie Conway in the Mighty Ducks before his parents made him turn it down. In light of that Mike, Tommy, and Kevin decide to re-cast the whole movie, starting with Gyllenhaal as Conway.

Show Notes:

Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal talking about the Mighty Ducks:

For the record: Here’s the sports site Mike was reading the quote from. This story says that Gyllenhaal was picked to play Charlie Conway. 

Eddie Murphy’s list of characters in The Nutty Professor. 

Maggie Gyllenhaal is three years older than Jake.

Here’s Kristen Bell/Christian Bale video Kevin was making a reference to:

The girl who played Zenon is Kirsten Storms.

Nick Cannon is n0 longer married to Mariah Carey. He filed for divorce in December 2014. 

Taylor Kitsch was 11 years old when the first Mighty Ducks movie came out.

This is Donkey Lips:



A George Coe obituary

Thanks to @graceholl21 for the #QuackQuestion.

Hans’ No. 11 jersey:


We talked more about the media in Episode 5. The Ducks’ game against Trinidad and Tobago was written about on March 1, 1994.

Our new cast: 

Les Averman – Ludacris

Adam Banks – Casey Garven

Charlie Conway – Jake Gyllenhaal

Tammy Duncan – Kirsten Storms

Tommy Duncan – Danny Tamberelli

Guy Germaine – Leonardo DiCaprio

Greg Goldberg – Chris Pratt

Jesse Hall – Derek Luke

Terry Hall – Nick Cannon

Dave Karp – Jonah Hill

Fulton Reed – Taylor Kitsch

“Reed” Larson – Josh Jackson

Peter Mark – Aaron Paul

McGill – Michael Fassbender

Connie Moreau – Natalie Portman

Ep. 49: Special guest Casey Garven a.k.a. Larson from the Hawks


Casey Garven, the actor who played Hawks player Larson joined Mike, Tommy and Kevin for a podcast about how he was supposed to play Banks, which of the actors were pompous, Mighty Ducks groupies, and the one time he was recognized for being Larson.

Show notes:

Shoutout to Casey Garven for being an awesome dude.

You can hear the jingle Casey’s grandpa wrote in this Hamm’s beer commercial:

Here’s Larson before the state championship game in the scene Casey talked  about. This is the legitimate I-will-run-you-over-with-my-BMX-bike-and-eventually-my-car-when-I’m-old-enough-to-drive snarl. This was also the scene when told somebody  “Shut the fuck up!’ That didn’t make it in the final movie.



Steven Brill’s full IMDB page. 

Reed Larson played in the NHL from 1976 to 1990. He’s a Minneapolis native and the former captain of the Detroit Red Wings. 

Thanks to @joyceeng61 for the #QuackQuestion

A new USA TODAY front page

Back in Episode 47 we maligned USA TODAY’s design of the front page when they had Russ on the cover. Kevin promised to redesign it. Here is the new front page:


For reference, the original:

Russ Tyler

Ep. 48: Would the Mighty Ducks be good at any other sports?


Mike, Tommy, and Kevin discuss whether Fulton Reed made a mistake is forgoing football, whether any other Mighty Ducks would be good at other sports. They also take a #QuackQuestion on the Ducks’ former District 5 coach. Who was he?

Show notes

“Is it true what they say, about the scholarships and how they won’t let you play hockey?”

We talked about pro potential in Episode 7. The conversation on Fulton starts at 20:59.

This is The Program for those who didn’t know.

Dwayne Robertson’s roping abilities:

We talked about Kenny Wu in Episode 17.

Thanks to @joyceeng61 for the #QuackQuestion.

Guy’s hair in D1:


This is where Peter describes what happened to their former coach:

Seriously, listen to our theory on Hans in Episode 11.

Ep. 47: What happened to the five Ducks left off the Junior Goodwill Games roster?


Mike, Tommy, and Kevin explore the five original Ducks who didn’t make the Junior Goodwill Games team. Why weren’t they included on the squad? Were Jesse and Terry secretly fighting over Tammy? Could they ever reconcile with the rest of the Ducks?


Show Notes

The five original Mighty Ducks left of the Junior Goodwill Games:

1. Tommy Duncan

2. Tammy Duncan

3. Peter Mark

4. Dave Karp

5. Terry Hall


The five players they add for the Junior Goodwill Games (not including Russ Tyler, who comes later):

1. Julie Gaffney

2. Kenny Wu

3. Dean Portman

4. Luis Mendoza

5. Dwayne Robertson


Razzmatazz is a real word. According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary, razzmatazz is “a noisy and exciting activity to attract attention.”

The Little League World Series is open to 11 to 13 year-old-players.

Charlie and his Duck call:


Terry’s face when he’s talking about Tammy:


We talked about Peter Mark’s feelings about being left off the U.S. team in Episode 46. 

We talked about Jesse Hall’s trip to public school in Episode 24. 

Thanks to @corbettsmithDMN for the #QuackQuestion. The poorly designed page we talked about:

Russ Tyler

We talked about USA TODAY more in depth in Episode 5.

The correct past tense for weep is wept.

Our Facebook is facebook.com/quackattackpod.





iTunes again, because it’s that important to us. 


Ep. 46: Peter Mark might be more mature than you give him credit for


From participating in the dog poop prank to his giveaway in the state finals, Mark plays a understated in a critical role with the Mighty Ducks. Mike, Tommy, and Kevin explore all this and then figure out what happened when the Ducks moved on without him.

Show Notes

The speech that Peter Mark confused:


Karp looking to Peter Mark during Bombay’s speech that forms the Ducks:

Also, notice Peter automatically flipping his stance on the Ducks as soon as a couple other people decide to be Mighty Ducks.

Does Peter Mark have a Napoleon complex?

We talked about Tommy’s strong stance that Dave Karp is the worst player on the Mighty Ducks in Episode 6. 

Peter blowing it in the finals against the Hawks:


If you’re unfamiliar familiar with Hans’ empire, listen to Episode 11.

Kevin compares Peter Mark and Dave Karp to the two dudes in My Name is Earl. He means Peter Mark is this guy (Earl):


And that Karp is this guy (Randy):

Shoutout to Rachel Sullivan for the #QuackQuestion. Go to rachelsullivanphotography.com.

We spoke about Orion’s job being solely about developing players in Episode 37 and Episode 38.

Ep. 45: Who was the best child actor in the Mighty Ducks?


Mike, Tommy, and Kevin debate who would’ve done the best job as a child actor had these documentaries been made into feature-length films. They also take on the greatest #QuackQuestion to date: Were any players on the Mighty  Ducks secretly gay?

Show notes:

The full list of actors and their characters can be found at the IMDb pages for each film:




Kenan Thompson started his career with D2 in 1994, then got All That the same year. His next two movies were Heavyweights and D3. Kenan didn’t get Kenan and Kel until 1996.

“I woke up, and the pain was gone.”

We talked about Banks’ inner demons in Episode 12.

This is what Aaron Schwartz, the kid who played Karp, looks like now:


Via @AaronSchwartz11

All the child actors in the Mighty Ducks appear to be alive, based on cursory Google searches.

Michael Cudlitz, who played Cole, the blonde-haird bully on Varsity, is Sgt. Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead.

Thanks to @wolffchele for the #QuackQuestion.

Connie and Guy making out at the end of D1: