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Ep. 41: The mysterious, possibly shady Junior Goodwill Games qualifying process


Mike, Tommy and Kevin look at the qualfying process for the hockey portion of the Junior Goodwill Games. They break down how non-traditional powers Trinidad and Tobago and Iceland qualified and introduce a new feature, the #QuackQuestion.


Show notes:

The full list of teams:


The 2014 Olympics had the 9 top teams in the IIHF World Ranking automatically qualify and the rest of the teams played a tournament to determine the final three teams.

Cool Runnings came out on October 3, 1993.

We talked about Iceland in Episode 2.

The Ivan Hlinka Tournament actually has no bearing on the rankings of the next World Juniors because the Ivan Hlinka is unsanctioned by the IIHF. The U18 World Championships have a much bigger bearing on the rankings.

We talked about Don Tibbles’ marketing prowess in Episode 21.

The United States won bronze in Olympic basketball in 2004.

The demographics of Iceland, Sweden, USA, Trindad and Tobago, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Denmark, Canada. I will not list all the info here. You can click the links.

Italy has a prime minister and a president. The president is the head of state, and he names the Prime Minister. The President of Italy in 1994 was Oscar Luigi Scalfaro. He was succeeded by Carlo Azeglio Ciamp who was succeeded by Giorgio Napolitano who was succeeded by the the current president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella.

You can write the bios yourself.

Hungary is a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Japan’s best result in International Competition came in 1930, when they finished sixth in the world championship. The 1930 Japan men’s ice hockey national team roster is not available.

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Ep. 40: The infamous JV/Varsity dinner


Mike, Tommy and Kevin take another deep dive, this time into the JV/Varsity dinner. How much did Banks know & when? Did Guy have a chance to stop the whole thing before it happened but was too dumb to realize it? The Ducks’ retaliation is also discussed.

Show notes:

If you don’t remember, this is Cole:


The Ducks in D3, not including Banks who was on Varsity and Portman who didn’t show up until the second period of the JV/Varsity showdown:

Lester/Dave Averman

Charlie Conway

Julie “The Cat” Gaffney

Guy Germaine

Greg Goldberg

Luis Mendoza

Connie Moreau

Fulton Reed

Dwayne Robertson

Russ Tyler

Ken Wu

Here’s a look at the dinner. Can you spot more than 20 people?


This is Banks’ look when he’s called up to leave.


This is the guy’s look who hands Charlie the Check:


According to the Tax Policy Center, the minimum wage in Minnesota in 1996 was $4.25.

The Minnesota High School Equestrian Association lists 34 schools with teams, not including Eden Hall.

Water polo numbers are harder to come by, but there appears there are four water polo clubs in the entire state of Minnesota. 

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Ep. 39: A deep dive into Charlie’s penalty shot


Mike, Tommy and Kevin dive deep into the pivotal moment of the first Mighty Ducks: Charlie’s penalty shot. Did Bombay’s speech to Charlie do more bad than good? Was Guy just as nervous as Charlie? Answers to those questions and more.

Show Notes:

Episode 1 if you haven’t listened to it by now.

The pivotal scenes:

Mike was actually referencing Rule 406, not 416. Here is the full rule for your perusal. 

Karp holding Charlie’s helmet












USA Hockey Rule 610.

USA Hockey rule 304 deals with helmets and safety equipments

Bombay’s face of regret?












Here’s what happened to give Charlie the breakaway. The Hawks’ Stevens passes to his defense partner Morgan, who takes the puck, skates back to the other side of the ice and takes a shot. Goldberg makes the save. Peter Mark picks up the rebound and gives it to Connie. Since Morgan skated across the ice, the Hawks have two defensemen on the same side. Charlie sees this and skates to open ice. The closest player to him is Larson, who is a forward. Larson is trying to recover for Morgan’s mistake. Morgan shouldn’t have skated across the ice with the shot. When he did, Stevens should’ve given up the blue line and bailed back to prevent the exact breakaway Charlie got.

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Ep. 38: Who is the best coach in the Mighty Ducks trilogy? (Part 2)


Show notes:

Our Facebook page is Facebook.com/quackattackpod

We argued about Bombay’s intentions in Episode 1.

The scene Tommy was talking about where the team rushes to Bombay’s aid:

Gunnar turning on Stansson at the end:

Likability rankings: 

1. Orion (5 points)

2. Bombay (4 points)

3. Wilson (3 points)

4. Stansson (2 points)

5. Reilly (1 point)

For the record it’s Adam Banks who slaps it between the goalie’s legs on Charlie’s play.

We talked about Stansson’s rift with his Iceland team beginning with the Russia game in Episode 2. 

Tactics rankings: 

1. Wilson (5 points)

2. Bombay (4 points)

3. Stansson (3 points)

4. Reilly (2 points)

5. Orion (1 point.

Final rankings: 

1. Wilson (17 points)

2. Bombay (16 points)

3. Stansson (15 points)

4. Orion (14 points)

5. Reilly (13 points)

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Ep. 37: Who is the best coach in the Mighty Ducks trilogy? (Part 1)


In part 1 of 2, Mike, Tommy and Kevin introduce the criteria for figuring out who the best coach is and then rate Wolf Stansson, Gordon Bombay, Varsity Coach Wilson, Ted Orion and Jack Reilly on player development, roster selection and preparation.

Show Notes:

This is Iceland’s hockey history. We also talked about this in Episode 2.

We talked about the worst Ducks in Episode 6. Tommy picked Karp as the worst player. Kevin picked Dwayne. Mike is actually the one who picked Tommy Duncan.


Player Development

1. Orion (5 points)

2. Reilly (4 points)

3. Bombay (3 points)

4. Stansson (2 points)

5. Wilson (1 point)


Roster selection

1. Reilly (5 points)

2. Wilson (4 points)

3. Stansson (3 points)

4. Bombay (2 points)

5.  Orion (1 points)



1. Stansson (5 points)

2. Wilson (4 points)

3. Bombay (3 points)

4. Orion (2 points)

5. Reilly (1 point)


Standings to date: 

1T. Stansson (10 points)

1T. Reilly (10 points)

3. Wilson (9 points)

4T. Orion (8 points)

4T. Bombay (8 points)

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Ep. 36: How good of a coach is Gordon Bombay?


Gordon Bombay’s teams start slow. Sometimes his players hate him. He runs a lot of gimmicks. Yet he wins. In this episode Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss whether Bombay is a coaching genius or just extremely lucky, because it’s one or the other.

Show notes:

We talked about the time frame from movie to movie when we examined what happened to the Ducks between D1 and D2 in Episode 20. 

Bombay’s football drill. Notice that Mike was wrong. Goldberg was getting some warmup shots in in the background:



Charlie not giving in to Bombay’s first gimmick: cheating.

Bombay does ask the Ducks who should take the penalty shot. His exact words: “Alright Ducks, who’s going to take it?”

The episode where we talked about Bombay putting Julie in for Goldberg for the final penalty shot was Episode 33: What if the Mighty Ducks/Team USA lost to Iceland?

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Ep. 35: Russ Tyler, the greatest story in organized sport


Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss Russ Tyler’s rapid rise from kid in South Central to International celebrity, then  break down Russ’s journey to Europe and his lucrative business running a knuckle puck academy.

Show notes


Wayne Gretzky was traded in 1988. The Junior Goodwill Games took place in 1994, so it’s conceivable that Russ Tyler picked up the game due to Gretzky’s presence in Los Angeles.

The White Men Can’t Jump characters Kevin was referring to were in fact Duck and King. 

Russ sends team USA to the finals with his goal against Russia. The USA TODAY cover proclaiming Russ a hometown hero:

Russ Tyler


The Tom Emanski commercial featuring Fred McGriff:

Most of the street hockey scene. Notice how Russ and James’ boys throw checks and score goals, proving Kevin’s theory that they didn’t do anything in the entire scene wrong:

The IMDB page for Finding Forrester if you’re like Mike and haven’t seen it.

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Ep. 34: What if the Mighty Ducks lost to the varsity?


In the conclusion of their revisionist history trilogy, Mike, Tommy and Kevin wonder what would have happen had the Ducks not won the Varsity/Junior Varsity Showdown. Among the topic discussed: What happens to the Warriors nickname and which Ducks leave school.

Show notes:

The first two episode of the trilogy:

What if the Mighty Ducks lost to the Ducks?

What if the Mighty Ducks/Team USA lost to Iceland?

The part where Coach Orion tells Charlie that if they hold them they have a tie:

If you want to relieve Charlie looking to Gordon and Gordon looking to Charlie and then looking up as the Eden Hall Ducks banner falls, it’s right here. 

The full story about the University of North Texas becoming nicknamed the Mean Green after Mean Joe Greene.

A note on the scholarships: At the beginning of the movie, Eden Hall’s Dean Buckley says he is awarding the Ducks on full athletic scholarships.

We assumed the JV/Varsity showdown was a mid-season event in Episode 3.


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Ep. 33: What if the Mighty Ducks/Team USA lost to Iceland?


In part two of three, Mike, Tommy and Kevin present a world in which the Mighty Ducks lose to Iceland. They identifiy the Ducks’ goat, how Iceland’s win sets up a 20-year climb into a world power and the fallout of the loss for Bombay and Tibbles.

Show notes:

The jumping off point. Say Gunnar Stahl hits this shot:

We talked shootout order in Episode 13 grab bag.

Averman’s movie theater work has been deconstructed here and here.

In Episode 2, we talk about Iceland’s loss to Russia and how that affected the Stahl-Stansson movie. It’s also the episode where Mike doesn’t know what Iceland’s flag look like.

Iceland actually has an extradition treaty with the United States. The country granted Fischer citizenship in Iceland because they thought he was being treated unfairly by U.S. and Japanese authorities. Because of his citizenship he couldn’t be extradited.

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Ep. 32: What if the Mighty Ducks lost to the Hawks?


It’s time to enter a new world. Mike, Tommy, and Kevin break down what would’ve happend had Charlie missed his penalty shot and the Mighty Ducks lost in overtime. Does Gordon Bombay return? Are the Ducks back for another season? What happens to the Hawks?


Show notes:

The jumping off point: Charlie’s penalty shot. Pay special attention to Bombay’s speech and the team clamoring for Guy to take the shot:

We discussed Bombay never relinquishing his win-at-all-costs attitude in Episode 1.

Tibbles’ influence on the Team USA’s Junior Goodwill Games roster was discussed in Episode 21.

Larson obviously knows taking out Banks was wrong. You can see it here:

But does he squeal if the Hawks win?

McGill would probably be in the Minnesota Correctional Facility — St. Cloud. 

McGill does only get two minutes for cross-checking.

The fist bump from Reilly probably caused suspicions among the league, though: