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Ep. 35: Russ Tyler, the greatest story in organized sport


Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss Russ Tyler’s rapid rise from kid in South Central to International celebrity, then  break down Russ’s journey to Europe and his lucrative business running a knuckle puck academy.

Show notes


Wayne Gretzky was traded in 1988. The Junior Goodwill Games took place in 1994, so it’s conceivable that Russ Tyler picked up the game due to Gretzky’s presence in Los Angeles.

The White Men Can’t Jump characters Kevin was referring to were in fact Duck and King. 

Russ sends team USA to the finals with his goal against Russia. The USA TODAY cover proclaiming Russ a hometown hero:

Russ Tyler


The Tom Emanski commercial featuring Fred McGriff:

Most of the street hockey scene. Notice how Russ and James’ boys throw checks and score goals, proving Kevin’s theory that they didn’t do anything in the entire scene wrong:

The IMDB page for Finding Forrester if you’re like Mike and haven’t seen it.

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Ep. 34: What if the Mighty Ducks lost to the varsity?


In the conclusion of their revisionist history trilogy, Mike, Tommy and Kevin wonder what would have happen had the Ducks not won the Varsity/Junior Varsity Showdown. Among the topic discussed: What happens to the Warriors nickname and which Ducks leave school.

Show notes:

The first two episode of the trilogy:

What if the Mighty Ducks lost to the Ducks?

What if the Mighty Ducks/Team USA lost to Iceland?

The part where Coach Orion tells Charlie that if they hold them they have a tie:

If you want to relieve Charlie looking to Gordon and Gordon looking to Charlie and then looking up as the Eden Hall Ducks banner falls, it’s right here. 

The full story about the University of North Texas becoming nicknamed the Mean Green after Mean Joe Greene.

A note on the scholarships: At the beginning of the movie, Eden Hall’s Dean Buckley says he is awarding the Ducks on full athletic scholarships.

We assumed the JV/Varsity showdown was a mid-season event in Episode 3.


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Ep. 33: What if the Mighty Ducks/Team USA lost to Iceland?


In part two of three, Mike, Tommy and Kevin present a world in which the Mighty Ducks lose to Iceland. They identifiy the Ducks’ goat, how Iceland’s win sets up a 20-year climb into a world power and the fallout of the loss for Bombay and Tibbles.

Show notes:

The jumping off point. Say Gunnar Stahl hits this shot:

We talked shootout order in Episode 13 grab bag.

Averman’s movie theater work has been deconstructed here and here.

In Episode 2, we talk about Iceland’s loss to Russia and how that affected the Stahl-Stansson movie. It’s also the episode where Mike doesn’t know what Iceland’s flag look like.

Iceland actually has an extradition treaty with the United States. The country granted Fischer citizenship in Iceland because they thought he was being treated unfairly by U.S. and Japanese authorities. Because of his citizenship he couldn’t be extradited.

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Ep. 32: What if the Mighty Ducks lost to the Hawks?


It’s time to enter a new world. Mike, Tommy, and Kevin break down what would’ve happend had Charlie missed his penalty shot and the Mighty Ducks lost in overtime. Does Gordon Bombay return? Are the Ducks back for another season? What happens to the Hawks?


Show notes:

The jumping off point: Charlie’s penalty shot. Pay special attention to Bombay’s speech and the team clamoring for Guy to take the shot:

We discussed Bombay never relinquishing his win-at-all-costs attitude in Episode 1.

Tibbles’ influence on the Team USA’s Junior Goodwill Games roster was discussed in Episode 21.

Larson obviously knows taking out Banks was wrong. You can see it here:

But does he squeal if the Hawks win?

McGill would probably be in the Minnesota Correctional Facility — St. Cloud. 

McGill does only get two minutes for cross-checking.

The fist bump from Reilly probably caused suspicions among the league, though:


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Ep. 31: The many mysteries of Dave/Lester Averman


Mike, Tommy and Kevin profile Lester/Dave Averman. They attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery of his first name, the mystery of his relationship with the team, the mystery of his life as a student at Eden Hall and more.

Show notes:

Gordon meeting the team and calling Averman, “Dave”:

Averman’s “Hey batter” routine, turned into “Hum goalie”, with some bonus Scandinavian-like subtitles:

Here’s the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry rules on minors under the age of 14 working. So Averman was working illegally, unless he was getting paid in candy like we said:


Coach Orion’s contentious start with Averman:


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Ep. 30: The Hawks


In part one of our two part series on the Hawks, Mike, Tommy and Kevin talked about Jack Reilly. In the conclusion they talk about everything: what the parent’s thoughts are about Reilly, why the team turned on Banks, why Larson quit hockey and more.

Show notes:

As we mention at the beginning, our last episode and this episode are really part 1 and part 2 of our Hawks discussion.

We discussed Adam Banks and his family life in Episode 12. 

Banks’ cheap shot on Charlie in the first game the Hawks and Ducks (then D-5) play:


Adam Banks is warming up for a game when Bombay serves Reilly the papers.



As for the whole scoreboard situation during the first game, it’s actually 5-0 Hawks with eight minutes left in the first period, not four as Mike says:



When is Gordon  yelling at the kids during the second intermission the score then reads 11-0.



The next scene after the one above is Charlie whiffing (and getting a cheap shot from Banks). That happens with the score 15-0 with a little less than three minutes left in the third period. then shows the Hawks scoring their ninth goal of the first period. After that we cut to Jack Reilly’s “It’s not worth winning if you can’t win big!” speech.

The scene after that jumps back in time to the Hawks scoring their ninth goal of the period. Notice the scoreboard.


We then jump back to the third period, but before Charlie’s shot. The Hawks’ 15th goal comes with about six and a half minutes left. Again, notice the scoreboard.



This is the last goal we see. The only other score update we get is the final one: 17-0 with all zeroes on the clock.



Fulton dumping McGill over the boards.


Brown has a goal and an assist against the Ducks.

Morgan takes the shot that Goldberg saves and is then out of position as Conway breaks out of the zone.




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Ep. 29: The life and times of Hawks coach Jack Reilly


Mike, Tommy and Kevin tackle Jack Reilly’s life. Topics span from his start as the Hawks coach, whether he actually might’ve helped Gordon Bombay, what his discipline would be for putting a hit on a kid, and how he fell into a happy ending.


Show notes:

The championship banners:


Jack Reilly’s first reaction upon seeing Bombay:


“You’re not even a has-been, you’re a never-was.” Also notice, Reilly saying he coached Bombay for six years:

We talked about Hans’ secretly changing the line in the now-legendary Episode 11.

The infamous Reilly fist pump:


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Ep. 28: Breaking down the Mighty Ducks cartoon


Mike, Tommy and Kevin take a deep dive into the Mighty Ducks cartoon. After watching the two trailer episodes, they attempt to rehash what they saw and describe a back story that involves enslavement, invisible dinosaurs and terrible Duck puns.


Show Notes:

Not a whole lot to go through.

The Mighty Ducks the First Face Off Part 1:

The Mighty Ducks the First Face Off Part 2:

The wikipedia for the Mighty Ducks Cartoon series. 

Ismay, Montana (population: 26) unofficially took the name of Joe, Montana in 1993.

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Ep. 27: The evolution of the Mighty Ducks’ uniforms


Mike, Tommy and Kevin break down the Mighty Ducks’ look from teh time they were a rag tag group of D-5ers to Team USA to the Eden Hall Mighty Ducks. They also weigh on the Hawks, Iceland and Trinidad and Tobago’s looks as well.


Show notes:

The terrible state of the D-5 kids. Notice Charlie as the only one without the D-5 on his chest and Karp’s football helmet:


We established Karp’s loving family in Episode 16. 

Tommy establishes Karp as the worst player on the Mighty Ducks in Episode 6. 

Guy’s helmet:



Bombay spent $7,242 on the Mighty Ducks’ equipment:

Capture9 (1)

The original D-5 Mighty Ducks jersey:


The D2 USA jersey with Hendrix down the sleeve:


We talked about Don Tibbles in Episode 21.

The Mighty Ducks’ jersey after the switch in D2;


We talk about Eden Hall and their uniforms a bit in Episode 3.

The red Mighty Ducks logo after the Ducks beat the varsity in D3. No red eyes:


The Mighty Ducks cartoon:

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Ep. 26: The Mighty Ducks’ less heralded opponents


Take out the Hawks, Iceland and the varsity. Mike, Tommy and Kevin break down every other team the Ducks played throughout the three document– err films. There’s even another crazy Hans theory.

Show notes:

Conway not taking a dive. The Jets had to know what was up.

“What a weird ass team”:

Despite what Kevin and Tommy say, the Flames never celebrate their forfeit win over the Ducks. This is all that’s shown.

Was this Huskies kid on Hans’ payroll?


We talked about the league’s playoff structure in Episode 10.