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Ep. 47: What happened to the five Ducks left off the Junior Goodwill Games roster?


Mike, Tommy, and Kevin explore the five original Ducks who didn’t make the Junior Goodwill Games team. Why weren’t they included on the squad? Were Jesse and Terry secretly fighting over Tammy? Could they ever reconcile with the rest of the Ducks?


Show Notes

The five original Mighty Ducks left of the Junior Goodwill Games:

1. Tommy Duncan

2. Tammy Duncan

3. Peter Mark

4. Dave Karp

5. Terry Hall


The five players they add for the Junior Goodwill Games (not including Russ Tyler, who comes later):

1. Julie Gaffney

2. Kenny Wu

3. Dean Portman

4. Luis Mendoza

5. Dwayne Robertson


Razzmatazz is a real word. According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary, razzmatazz is “a noisy and exciting activity to attract attention.”

The Little League World Series is open to 11 to 13 year-old-players.

Charlie and his Duck call:


Terry’s face when he’s talking about Tammy:


We talked about Peter Mark’s feelings about being left off the U.S. team in Episode 46. 

We talked about Jesse Hall’s trip to public school in Episode 24. 

Thanks to @corbettsmithDMN for the #QuackQuestion. The poorly designed page we talked about:

Russ Tyler

We talked about USA TODAY more in depth in Episode 5.

The correct past tense for weep is wept.

Our Facebook is facebook.com/quackattackpod.





iTunes again, because it’s that important to us. 



Ep. 46: Peter Mark might be more mature than you give him credit for


From participating in the dog poop prank to his giveaway in the state finals, Mark plays a understated in a critical role with the Mighty Ducks. Mike, Tommy, and Kevin explore all this and then figure out what happened when the Ducks moved on without him.

Show Notes

The speech that Peter Mark confused:


Karp looking to Peter Mark during Bombay’s speech that forms the Ducks:

Also, notice Peter automatically flipping his stance on the Ducks as soon as a couple other people decide to be Mighty Ducks.

Does Peter Mark have a Napoleon complex?

We talked about Tommy’s strong stance that Dave Karp is the worst player on the Mighty Ducks in Episode 6. 

Peter blowing it in the finals against the Hawks:


If you’re unfamiliar familiar with Hans’ empire, listen to Episode 11.

Kevin compares Peter Mark and Dave Karp to the two dudes in My Name is Earl. He means Peter Mark is this guy (Earl):


And that Karp is this guy (Randy):

Shoutout to Rachel Sullivan for the #QuackQuestion. Go to rachelsullivanphotography.com.

We spoke about Orion’s job being solely about developing players in Episode 37 and Episode 38.

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Ep. 45: Who was the best child actor in the Mighty Ducks?


Mike, Tommy, and Kevin debate who would’ve done the best job as a child actor had these documentaries been made into feature-length films. They also take on the greatest #QuackQuestion to date: Were any players on the Mighty  Ducks secretly gay?

Show notes:

The full list of actors and their characters can be found at the IMDb pages for each film:




Kenan Thompson started his career with D2 in 1994, then got All That the same year. His next two movies were Heavyweights and D3. Kenan didn’t get Kenan and Kel until 1996.

“I woke up, and the pain was gone.”

We talked about Banks’ inner demons in Episode 12.

This is what Aaron Schwartz, the kid who played Karp, looks like now:


Via @AaronSchwartz11

All the child actors in the Mighty Ducks appear to be alive, based on cursory Google searches.

Michael Cudlitz, who played Cole, the blonde-haird bully on Varsity, is Sgt. Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead.

Thanks to @wolffchele for the #QuackQuestion.

Connie and Guy making out at the end of D1:


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Ep. 44: What’s the best the coach speech to his team in the Mighty Ducks trilogy? (Part 2)


In the conclusion of this two-part podcast, Mike, Tommy, and Kevin discuss the ‘Ducks Fly Together’ speech at the end of D2 and Coach Orion’s ‘It starts with a ‘W” speech in D3. They then pick the best speech and answer the #QuackQuestion, courtesy of @graceholl21.


Show notes:

You should really listen to Episode 43 before this one. 

Ducks fly together:

It starts with a ‘W':

We talked about Coach Orion developing players instead of winning in Episode 37 and Episode 38. 

Here is a bonus speech:

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Ep. 43: What’s the best the coach speech to his team in the Mighty Ducks trilogy? (Part 1)


Show notes:

Shoutout to @katshan23 for suggesting the topic.

Speech No. 1:

Bombay clearly standing in front of a Cardinals logo, proving he’s giving his speech before the Cardinals game:



Bombay’s third speech, speaking to the team during detention:

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Ep. 42: How Gordon Bombay should’ve cheated


Mike, Tommy, and Kevin break down Gordon Bombay’s cheating tactics. They examine who was in, who was out, and they figure out the best way to rig a peewee hockey game. Plus, they take a #QuackQuestion relating to Gunnar Stahl.

Show notes:

We discussed Bombay’s penchant for turning to cheating in Episode 1. 

This is Karp’s face when he’s storming out after Jessie’s dad comes in to yell at Gordon about cheating:



Goldberg pleading with the refs:


Connie being forced to trip Guy:


Kevin wasn’t that far off from the ref’s pay. A ref is probably making $35-$40 game for a peewee game.

If you’re unsure on how much we know about Hans, listen to Episode 11. 

Thanks to @kating9 for our #QuackQuestion

Gunnar Stahl:


And Scooter:



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Ep. 41: The mysterious, possibly shady Junior Goodwill Games qualifying process


Mike, Tommy and Kevin look at the qualfying process for the hockey portion of the Junior Goodwill Games. They break down how non-traditional powers Trinidad and Tobago and Iceland qualified and introduce a new feature, the #QuackQuestion.


Show notes:

The full list of teams:


The 2014 Olympics had the 9 top teams in the IIHF World Ranking automatically qualify and the rest of the teams played a tournament to determine the final three teams.

Cool Runnings came out on October 3, 1993.

We talked about Iceland in Episode 2.

The Ivan Hlinka Tournament actually has no bearing on the rankings of the next World Juniors because the Ivan Hlinka is unsanctioned by the IIHF. The U18 World Championships have a much bigger bearing on the rankings.

We talked about Don Tibbles’ marketing prowess in Episode 21.

The United States won bronze in Olympic basketball in 2004.

The demographics of Iceland, Sweden, USA, Trindad and Tobago, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Denmark, Canada. I will not list all the info here. You can click the links.

Italy has a prime minister and a president. The president is the head of state, and he names the Prime Minister. The President of Italy in 1994 was Oscar Luigi Scalfaro. He was succeeded by Carlo Azeglio Ciamp who was succeeded by Giorgio Napolitano who was succeeded by the the current president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella.

You can write the bios yourself.

Hungary is a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Japan’s best result in International Competition came in 1930, when they finished sixth in the world championship. The 1930 Japan men’s ice hockey national team roster is not available.

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Ep. 40: The infamous JV/Varsity dinner


Mike, Tommy and Kevin take another deep dive, this time into the JV/Varsity dinner. How much did Banks know & when? Did Guy have a chance to stop the whole thing before it happened but was too dumb to realize it? The Ducks’ retaliation is also discussed.

Show notes:

If you don’t remember, this is Cole:


The Ducks in D3, not including Banks who was on Varsity and Portman who didn’t show up until the second period of the JV/Varsity showdown:

Lester/Dave Averman

Charlie Conway

Julie “The Cat” Gaffney

Guy Germaine

Greg Goldberg

Luis Mendoza

Connie Moreau

Fulton Reed

Dwayne Robertson

Russ Tyler

Ken Wu

Here’s a look at the dinner. Can you spot more than 20 people?


This is Banks’ look when he’s called up to leave.


This is the guy’s look who hands Charlie the Check:


According to the Tax Policy Center, the minimum wage in Minnesota in 1996 was $4.25.

The Minnesota High School Equestrian Association lists 34 schools with teams, not including Eden Hall.

Water polo numbers are harder to come by, but there appears there are four water polo clubs in the entire state of Minnesota. 

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Ep. 39: A deep dive into Charlie’s penalty shot


Mike, Tommy and Kevin dive deep into the pivotal moment of the first Mighty Ducks: Charlie’s penalty shot. Did Bombay’s speech to Charlie do more bad than good? Was Guy just as nervous as Charlie? Answers to those questions and more.

Show Notes:

Episode 1 if you haven’t listened to it by now.

The pivotal scenes:

Mike was actually referencing Rule 406, not 416. Here is the full rule for your perusal. 

Karp holding Charlie’s helmet












USA Hockey Rule 610.

USA Hockey rule 304 deals with helmets and safety equipments

Bombay’s face of regret?












Here’s what happened to give Charlie the breakaway. The Hawks’ Stevens passes to his defense partner Morgan, who takes the puck, skates back to the other side of the ice and takes a shot. Goldberg makes the save. Peter Mark picks up the rebound and gives it to Connie. Since Morgan skated across the ice, the Hawks have two defensemen on the same side. Charlie sees this and skates to open ice. The closest player to him is Larson, who is a forward. Larson is trying to recover for Morgan’s mistake. Morgan shouldn’t have skated across the ice with the shot. When he did, Stevens should’ve given up the blue line and bailed back to prevent the exact breakaway Charlie got.

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Ep. 38: Who is the best coach in the Mighty Ducks trilogy? (Part 2)


Show notes:

Our Facebook page is Facebook.com/quackattackpod

We argued about Bombay’s intentions in Episode 1.

The scene Tommy was talking about where the team rushes to Bombay’s aid:

Gunnar turning on Stansson at the end:

Likability rankings: 

1. Orion (5 points)

2. Bombay (4 points)

3. Wilson (3 points)

4. Stansson (2 points)

5. Reilly (1 point)

For the record it’s Adam Banks who slaps it between the goalie’s legs on Charlie’s play.

We talked about Stansson’s rift with his Iceland team beginning with the Russia game in Episode 2. 

Tactics rankings: 

1. Wilson (5 points)

2. Bombay (4 points)

3. Stansson (3 points)

4. Reilly (2 points)

5. Orion (1 point.

Final rankings: 

1. Wilson (17 points)

2. Bombay (16 points)

3. Stansson (15 points)

4. Orion (14 points)

5. Reilly (13 points)