Ep. 11: Uncovering Hans’ secret life

October 1, 2014 1:32 am Published by 4 Comments

Mike, Tommy and Kevin start with a discussion on Hans, his sport shop and the role his the youth hockey league before they pull the thread and discover the the old man’s secret life.

Show Notes:

You’ll probably need to listen to the slight talk about Hans in Episode 10.

Hans in the middle of the Ducks celebration:

The mean headline about a young Gordon Bombay: “Hawks’ Gordon Bombay misses penalty shot in O.T.” (Bombay¬†actually tells Charlie later on that he missed the penalty shot at the end of regulation, but we’ll ignore that for now.) Hans’ response: “It’s important to remember the past.”


Bombay did indeed ask for $15,000 from Mr. Ducksworth. Hans’ cash register shows only $7,242.08.


Mike was wrong about Finland being a Scandinavian country. It’s a Nordic country but not a Scandinavian country, according to the great Wikipedia.


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  • Rhea says:

    This is just a side comment…
    I’m thinking all this talk of drugs is what gives you an explicit rating. =P
    I personally don’t like it but I just try to gloss it over and think you guys are just having fun…

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