Ep. 142: How do the Mighty Ducks end up at the same school?

November 15, 2017 10:40 pm Published by 2 Comments

Mike and Kevin — Tommy is absent — take a look at the original Mighty Ducks and how, despite saying they’re from different places in D2, they end up in the same school. Are they just saying where they were born or is there a more complicated solution? Also, the semifinals of trivia finally commences.

Show Notes

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Shoutout to Kevin’s sister Megan for covering our travel expenses to Europe to meet Andy.

Thanks to Sara (@avice01) for sharing her Spectrum story, and @FartPartOfAnEgg for giving us a lesson on what exactly is the fart of an egg.

Thanks to Mercedes for the #QuackQuestion. How do these Ducks end up all in the same spot?

Here’s where the Minnesota-based Mighty Ducks say they’re from:

Guy Germaine – St. Paul

Jesse Hall – Minneapolis

Les Averman – Brooklyn Park

Fulton Reed – Stillwater (which is East of St. Paul and probably the furthest away)

Charlie Conway – Minneapolis

Connie Moreau – Minneapolis

Adam Banks – Edina

More evidence that they’re saying where they were born and not where they live: Greg Goldberg says he’s from Philadelphia, PA.

Here’s an in-depth look at Prime Prep’s downfall.

To clarify, Banks was asked to be a Duck but hadn’t met the team yet when the entire class got detention.

Thanks to @erscimia and @Duncanbruins77 for a barn burner of a semifinal match.

For the Chili question, Karp says, “A little chili to keep you warm, buddy”

A picture of Chili:

It does say “Chili Style” so there could be some controversy, but it ended up not mattering anyway.

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