Ep. 24: The sad saga of Jesse Hall

December 31, 2014 12:31 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Mike, Tommy and Kevin break down Jesse Hall. Did his continual blowouts at Bombay endear himself to his teammates or turn him into a cancer? Really how good is he? In answering these questions the three Quack Attackers stumble upon Jesse’s sad final fate.


Show Notes:

Episode 5: Breaking down the media covering the Ducks” is the episode that’s clarified at the beginning

Jesse Hall stepping to Gordon on Day 1:

Jesse was the second player to walk out on Bombay, after Peter Mark.

In our pro potential episode, (Episode 7) we said Jesse might dip his toes in the NHL, but not make it. We said all agreed he would go to play in Europe if he chooses to go that path. If doesn’t choose that path we have him slated to returning to help his community, possibly as a coach.


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