Ep. 47: What happened to the five Ducks left off the Junior Goodwill Games roster?

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin explore the five original Ducks who didn’t make the Junior Goodwill Games team. Why weren’t they included on the squad? Were Jesse and Terry secretly fighting over Tammy? Could they ever reconcile with the rest of the Ducks?


Show Notes

The five original Mighty Ducks left of the Junior Goodwill Games:

1. Tommy Duncan

2. Tammy Duncan

3. Peter Mark

4. Dave Karp

5. Terry Hall


The five players they add for the Junior Goodwill Games (not including Russ Tyler, who comes later):

1. Julie Gaffney

2. Kenny Wu

3. Dean Portman

4. Luis Mendoza

5. Dwayne Robertson


Razzmatazz is a real word. According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary, razzmatazz is “a noisy and exciting activity to attract attention.”

The Little League World Series is open to 11 to 13 year-old-players.

Charlie and his Duck call:


Terry’s face when he’s talking about Tammy:


We talked about Peter Mark’s feelings about being left off the U.S. team in Episode 46. 

We talked about Jesse Hall’s trip to public school in Episode 24. 

Thanks to @corbettsmithDMN for the #QuackQuestion. The poorly designed page we talked about:

Russ Tyler

We talked about USA TODAY more in depth in Episode 5.

The correct past tense for weep is wept.

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