Ep. 50: Recasting the first Mighty Ducks movie

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Jake Gyllenhaal recently revealed he was picked to play Charlie Conway in the Mighty Ducks before his parents made him turn it down. In light of that Mike, Tommy, and Kevin decide to re-cast the whole movie, starting with Gyllenhaal as Conway.

Show Notes:

Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal talking about the Mighty Ducks:

For the record: Here’s the sports site Mike was reading the quote from. This story says that Gyllenhaal was picked to play Charlie Conway. 

Eddie Murphy’s list of characters in The Nutty Professor. 

Maggie Gyllenhaal is three years older than Jake.

Here’s Kristen Bell/Christian Bale video Kevin was making a reference to:

The girl who played Zenon is Kirsten Storms.

Nick Cannon is n0 longer married to Mariah Carey. He filed for divorce in December 2014. 

Taylor Kitsch was 11 years old when the first Mighty Ducks movie came out.

This is Donkey Lips:



A George Coe obituary

Thanks to @graceholl21 for the #QuackQuestion.

Hans’ No. 11 jersey:


We talked more about the media in Episode 5. The Ducks’ game against Trinidad and Tobago was written about on March 1, 1994.

Our new cast: 

Les Averman – Ludacris

Adam Banks – Casey Garven

Charlie Conway – Jake Gyllenhaal

Tammy Duncan – Kirsten Storms

Tommy Duncan – Danny Tamberelli

Guy Germaine – Leonardo DiCaprio

Greg Goldberg – Chris Pratt

Jesse Hall – Derek Luke

Terry Hall – Nick Cannon

Dave Karp – Jonah Hill

Fulton Reed – Taylor Kitsch

“Reed” Larson – Josh Jackson

Peter Mark – Aaron Paul

McGill – Michael Fassbender

Connie Moreau – Natalie Portman

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